Splitting Dublin

Would you support a split Dublin team in the way you support the Dubs now?

Would you support a split Dublin team
  • Yes
  • No

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Can some genius fix this?

It’s ok I managed … chuffed a bit tbh.


It would be really good if as many people on here as possible votes so we can get an idea of the feeling on this.

Personally any such move would completely end any interest I have in intercounty competition.

Keep polling and as Trump would say ‘the vote to split is winning by millions, it’s a very great vote.’

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When do we get the split Kerry poll?


I see three Southsiders have voted …

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If they split the county club football will become a mess of transfers of lads chasing county ball IMO.
Where would the split happen?
North south? City County?
Will there be two county boards?

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Split Mayo.
We’re doomed.

I can tell you now if they split Dublin thats me done with Inter County. They can shove up their brown spot any new counties they put forward.


Agree with this fully.

It’s a tough situation . Splitting a county has to be last resort

Any commercial sponsorships for any county should be split equally between all the counties

Cap the amount of money that can be spent on county teams

League games not being played in Croke park

Scrap the provincials .

Review again in 3 to 5 years

It’s gas we don’t hear of mergers. Oh no can’t do that to a county and it’s history. GAA Clubs have merged so why can’t counties? Split a county because they are successful. Say that happens and Kerry go on to do 6 in a row do we split them?


only 2 options. i voted NO based on the basis of what is being called for right now- which is “our egos are too fragile to handle being beaten by dublin so let’s move the goal posts”. not a thought for what is best for our games. that does not mean i would be a NO voter indefinitely if there was a process with a bit of integrity and the map for the entire 32 counties was on the table.


I don’t think mergers will work. Would a pick of Leitrim, Roscommon and Sligo win Connacht? No, in my view.

I’ve spent a hell of a lot of money following Dublin over the past 20 odd years and i’ll never spend a cent again if the county is split and all others are left as it. I’m guessing i won’t be alone in that.


Exactly. Who would want to be merged? Who would want to be split? No one. We play an antiqueated competition with the bore fest of the provincials.

I’m guessing the only counties who would favour a merger would be counties that a merger would do little for in a relative sense. Would Carlow, Longford and Offaly merging do anything, no in my view. No county with any success will choose to be split. It’s completely flawed.

We need a restructure like never before. I am ok with a cap on spending, on sponsorship money. But it should be relative and everything should be transparent.

I don’t favour favour pooling all sponsorship money into a single pot so that everyone gets a cut. We had the sopranos for that.

But counties playing like for like is the way to go. We do it already with the Leagues.

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Never going to happen

Have said something similar on other threads there’s dozens of ways to go about making the championship more competitive but splitting dublin isn’t the way. The goal should be to strengthen the other counties not weaken the strongest county.

The GAA would completely lose its integrity by trying to lower the standard of the strongest team instead of increasing the standard of the weaker teams.


As will I

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Splitting or merging counties (the great unspoken option for some reason) is the nuclear option IMO.

A restructured championship is the bleedin’ obvious option. As has been said, we do it for the league but then everyone loses the run of themselves, suspends all sense of reality & wants ‘in’ on a hypothetical run at Sam which inevitably ends in 70 minutes, 140 minutes tops.

Have the provincials replace the function of the likes of the O’Byrne Cup…not necessarily at the same point in the calendar…but in order to offer a shot at silverware.

Anyway, in answer to the question, split Dublin?
No. There’d be no going back in our lifetimes.

And Colm O’Rourke would rejoice. And that’d never be a good thing.