Sport and Covid-19

Must be fairly confident this can go ahead if they’re doing this rather than cancelling especially in France.

Social distancing up the mountains me hole. Can’t see it meself.

Online quiz the other night and question was name the Irishman who won it in 1987. Couldn’t think for ages and then it came to me. Charlie Haughey.



Professor Luke O’Neill from Trinity expects Sport in Ireland to be back in the summer at some stage albeit behind closed doors.

Just can’t see it in any major sport, unless there’s a vaccine found. The health of the players, their families etc has to be considered.

How could Phily mark David Clifford or Lee Keegan “defend” against Con while maintaining the 2m of social distancing… similar for hurling, soccer, basketball etc

Rugby is even madder … just imagine how a scrum would bind with all players 2m apart. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Only major sports I can see starting, even behind closed doors, are sports like golf, tennis, badminton I.e., sports where there’s no bodily contact.

Did Keegan get within 2m of Con last year anyway?


In fairness I don’t think Lee got within 2 metres of Con last year.

Almost … but ended up flat on his arse :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Snooker I think we could see this year albeit without crowds.

Social distancing would be doable

What about the cues?



A tennis player refusing a needle? Lo and behold!!!

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Galway Races looking to go ahead behind closed doors

Gambling is very important.

My two lads ,one of which thankfully is recovered from the poxy thing , straight question at dinner tonight given the opportunity and in our situation obviously aware of the dangers would you line out given a chance , both said tentatively not straight away but if numbers decreased and county board in a months time gave the go ahead they’d line the pitch and put the nets up themselves, i can only guess nothing else to go on many club players would be of a similar mind , happy to hear from actual players who think similar or equally disagree


not much talked about, but the ban on 5k plus means the ring of kerry cycle will have to be called off. the dublin marathon race series held in summer will be off, the womens mini marathon will be off, the rock and roll in august off and I’m starting to have serious doubts about the Dublin Marathon.

Not a chance the Marathon goes ahead. That call will have to be made early regardless. Not something you can leave to the last minute

yep. the most used training programmes start in june so there is wiggle room, but 20,000 runners, plus the support staff, plus spectators… i would be amazed.

I think some of the things postponed may go ahead in the autumn, but not the likes of the Great Limerick Run.

Of course, if the anti-virals are as good as it seems, then maybe everything will get the green light.