Sports Grants

Nice to see a good few Dublin Gaa clubs on the list

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Nobody giving out yet :no_mouth:

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I would, but…

Plenty of clubs getting all weathers put in.

We’re replacing the original!

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I despise astros, but of all the Astros in the world yourselves and ours are my absolute least favourite…

Which pitch is Syls pitch 2? The one nearest the carpark or the one up nearest the dressing rooms?

It’s 14 years old. It will have a brand new shock pad and carpet fitted so it willl be the latest generation. A lot lot better than the original.

The one up by the dressing rooms is getting the astro AFAIK

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The second pitch down beside the main pitch.

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Not familiar with grants but is there any stipulation that , from dept or gaa, that all weather pitches must have sustainable long term finance plan before proceeding.
There are in use AW pitches in Dublin that are unsafe and certainly wouldn’t pass GAA tests if they enforced them. Some clubs seem have to bought the 5litre jag in the past but forgotten that they’ll still need to pay at the pump.
Once you get 10years in use, you need to replace.

I see Clontarf on the list for repair to their pitches. How long are they there now? Best pitches in Dublin in my opinion. I would go for one of them over an astro if given the option

Ah no I know, id say ours is coming up to 10 years old too, good to see you’s got the grant to redo it anyways!

The days of playing a nice soft junior league game on the smaller grass pitch in Vincents gone now !

Good to see us get some backing

Anything beats playing junior hurling on the pitch out the back of Vincents. The sideline is in the bushes :eyes:


beautifully photoshopped

Thats not for their main pitch.

They’ve a small Astro behind their club house so I’d imagine that’s where their hurling wall is going too.

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Astros need maintenance and it is usually money well spent but some don’t bother.

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What are you trying to say…I don’t do Fake News…

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