Sports Grants

Apparently almost 45% of grant applications were ruled invalid due to errors. Hence a lot of clubs who were correct got the full requested amount which I’m told is unusual (ask for €100k, get 70k…this year most got full ask).
Saw a list in online paper of rejected invalids - Some surprisingly well known and large Dublin clubs who submitted invalidity.

That’s not the case at all @rebus2008. That scenario happens every year - a huge % of claims are rejected each time. There were thousands more applications and thousands more € sought - even by those that got money.

Beg to differ but not correct. They’ve issued a list of “invalid” applications.
Specifically invalid, not declined. These are applications denied because of errors.
Dept apparently sticks rigidly to it. No appeal.
I’ll dig it out.

Exact wording from department grant guide is “each time hundreds are ruled invalid due to mistakes. Common pitfalls are…”

Page 4

Compliant but unsuccessful applicants aren’t published.

That not what I’m saying???

Think I picked you up wrong - you are correct that entire 45% not successful aren’t due to invalid but all just declined - invalid or being simply approved.

Just clarifying that invalid list is solely those declined before any consideration due to error in application. Surprising that some very well run clubs seem to have run aground before the race but then again gov dept do like meaty forms.

No - just saying there are thousands of invalid applications every year but even with those granted a lot more dosh was sought than granted.

Each valid application is then ‘weighted’.

I think certain areas will always be guaranteed a grant to try and prevent antisocial behaviour etc. I think clubs of any sport are mad not to apply each year regardless of how big or small the value of the grant is