Spot the ball(ocks)

Here is a medal my daughter won in a school football championship.

As you can see the medal features some action in a Dublin/Meath match in which everyone’s favourite teacher is pulling a face that really only his wife should see in the privacy of their marital bed.

The question is, which match is it?

And who thought that said face is something to show primary school children that this is something to admire.

Non serious replies would be welcome.

1989 Leinster Final?

It’s all a bit like my 20s I’m afraid - very fuzzy. But I definitely recognise the little Leprechaun figure to the right. That’s Bernard Flynn.

Is that a weighing scales on the fireplace??

Can’t see a thing at that size in fairness, presume the pic is online somewhere. Anyway does at least sound bizarre to have a random 30yo image for a moderrin medal

couldnt get a better pic, but i have seen that photo in the media before, although google doesnt really help.