Spring Series 2017


11 Feb Dublin v Tyrone (NFL - Croke Park)
11 Feb Dublin v Tipperary (NHL - Croke Park)

4 Mar Dublin v Mayo (NFL - Croke Park)
4 Mar Dublin v Waterford (NHL - Croke Park)

25 Mar Dublin v Roscommon (NFL - Croke Park)
26 Mar Dublin v Kilkenny (NHL - Parnell Park)

why is the Kilkenny match not part of the series?

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Because it’s mostly about football.

As the Kilkenny game is the last league game for the hurlers all the games have to be played at the same time so hence the Sunday afternoon.
Plus at least get to go to Parnell Park for one league game. Can’t say I’m a fan of them in Croke Park (the hurling ones that is!!)