Have a pitch ticket for Sunday for face value if anyone’s interested, drop us a message.

It’s the real deal by the way - the boss and the ticket !!!


Isn’t that a hawk? We may need to dovetail about the appropriate use of avian images here

Never mind the poxy bird !!!

Chicken pox?

the indo reporting that each gig will earn the GAA a million euro. Why do they always report in how much the GAA makes from these gigs? I never see them report how much the IRFU make from events held at Landsdowne Road?

€140 per ticket? That’s mad

Did anybody find the sound was not very good quality on Friday? I was reading that there was lots of complaints about the sound.

I thought the place was rocking and could have no complaints.


Didn’t go but heard the reports of poor sound from a few sources. Seems to have affected the upper tiers more.

I thought it was great but then I wouldn’t have a sound engineers ear:slight_smile:. I was Lwr Cusack section 304 but a few people were complaining around us alright.

Can be hit and miss in stadiums , was there last night on the pitch and the sound was great , friend was int he davin lower and it was poor.

Seen him in Wembley stadium 3 years ago and the sound was poor where we were standing on the pitch - we moved a bit further up and closer to the stands and it was perfect.

When he played nowlan park the sound was great

If you think the sound was good then … just wait till next Saturday, we’ll have the ground rockin’ :grin:

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Great sound in the back garden of where I work in Drumcondra, loud and clear! :wink:

I was in 720 (Upper Davin). - Thought the sound was very poor for the first 90 mins. Maybe the sound people tweaked it a bit as it seemed to improve for the second half.,or maybe I was just going deaf. Despite ringing ears the following morning, I thought the gig was great.

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ha ha

we’ll give it a good lash anyway

Anyone on here bought his autobiography yet? If so, is it worth a read/buying?


hope to get it for christmas and have a read of it

Mrs 26-Alive got one last year, presume it’s the same? She really enjoyed it but she’s a massive (girly) fan and felt overall it didn’t tell her enough about what she wanted to know. She felt the same about the John Cleese Autob, so I’ve seen a pattern…

Book only came out last month

Presume the others are all biographies?