St Brendans - Grangegorman

I see on St Brendans Twitter page they have been “locked out” of the new Grangegorman Campus at DIT. Do they still have the Longmeadows pitch? Seems to be more and more Clubs struggling for playing pitches in Dublin

Any reasons stated? I know other clubs under pressure by colleges who purchased their grounds.

No can’t see any other info online about it

Locked out as in Locks changed ?

Are they not playing in Islandbridge anymore ?

They are yeah. Think that’s their second team.

Anyone know what the story is here?

Any one have info of where theyll play now? Were down to play them in May in Grangegorman

Jaysus , seem they have bigger things to about than where a game will be played in 3 months time !

Any Brendan’s men on here that can shed some light ?

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Not a Brendans man but know a few in set up over the years.

Brendan’s as a club were based in Grangegorman. Took bulk of players historically from hospital staff. DIT bought the whole site and developed sports campus there. Agreement to date (not sure what kind) whereby Brendan’s teams continued to use facilities. Looks like it’s lost to progress unfortunately. Brendan’s have developed Longmeadows. But that site isn’t suitable for all their teams, mens and womens. Good club Brendans, been making good strides recently so the timing is awful for them. Good club for country folk to join and they’ve a good few dubs too.

No solution, just a message/wish that things change for the better, maybe the auld politician Na Fianna route is the way to go

Haven’t been in there in years now but anything to do with development / construction of the campus ?

Wonder would someone from Brendan’s like to explain why they were locked out ? Surely a massive institution like DIT wouldn’t allow them access without good reason …
The whole redevelopment permission was granted and based around inclusion of local community and groups been able to use the facilities , hence it being a very public campus .
Lots of other teams are using the facility at present as I was there recently so maybe Brendan’s aren’t telling the full story

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