Stand up comedy

Right, so we’ve had a thread on sit-coms…

How’s about one on stand-up comedy, now then, boys and girls?

My opening salvo…

“Wife/cousin? Same thing!”

Big fan of Bill Hicks and his chief plaguriser , Denis Leary .


How do you intrigue a fool?

Hicks is so far ahead of everyone that we’re still not caught up. And he’s been dead for near 25 years.


So those tickets I bought to see him live are …

The tweet was liked by some Canadian stand up comedian called Andrew Searles in Montreal!!! We better adopt him!

Jeeze … a comedian in Canada …:anguished:

Stuart Francis… Russell Peters… Katherine Ryan…

Bill Hicks
Jackie Mason
Billy Connolly
Woody Allen
Jerry Seinfeld
Lenny Bruce

For me…

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Same way you keep a bollox in suspense!

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Maybe not standup but a sketch I loved involving Charlie Murphy & Dave Chappelle , the latters stuff is excellent in standup too

Rich Hall.

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Kevin Bridges wee mental davie sketch is too good.

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Just wanted to add (as the thread’s creator) anyone who mentions Jason Byrnenas a comedian needs extraditing.


Mr White of this parish handed Jason his arse on a plate back in the day in one of the greatest takedowns I’ve ever witnessed…

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My comedy hero… Tim Vine!

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There are a few other Irish comedians I could add to that list (and I think this was discussed on another thread - maybe Get It Off Your Chest) but he is, without doubt, the most unfunny and annoying man out there.

Ed Byrne’s voice does my head in. Don’t think he’s that funny either but he’s not the idiot his namesake is.
I saw Neil Delamere a few years back and he was quite funny.

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Alexie Sayle.

Frankie Boyle for me. He manages to offend everyone so no complaints there.