Stand up comedy

I think Dara O’Broin is one of our greatest!

Bill Bailey, Jimmy Carr, Jon Richardson, John Bishop are a few of my favourites

Jim Jeffries. Best around at the moment and for the last few years IMO. Saw him live in Jan and he was excellent

Mickey Flanagan is one of my other favorites too at the moment

Obvious ex ones - Billy Connolly, was still good in Dec, but sad to see him so frail
Roy Chubby Brown
Freddy Starr
Dave Allen

I feel the need to stab/shoot Ed Byrne. His voice vandalises my insides! Frankie Boyle is filthy but a ledge. Micky Flanagan has his moments. In my humble opinion, Dylan Moran is funniest of them all!

It funny (#pun) but I find some of the names listed above are good for the panel show / one liners environment, but for me do not stand up (#pun2) to an hour or so routine.
Best examples of this for me are Jon Richardson and John Bishop (think his stand-up is awful).

The best stand-up’s for me are as follows;
Eddie Murphy (Raw and Delirious are still funny!!)
Richard Pryor
Billy Connolly
Jim Jeffries
Chris Rock
Ricky Gervais (not mentioned yet on this thread…???)
Micky Flanagan

Frankie Boyle (undoubtedly funny, loved the early MTW stuff, but jokes about the disabled etc go way beyond the grey that comedians thread so carefully!)
Ed Byrne (just really un-funny. Would be a total unknown were he not DoB’s best mate)

Also, maybe for the Good TV thread, but I only recently flew through Comedian’s in Cars, Getting Coffee (Jerry Seinfeld).

Really entertaining cross between talk-show / comedy documentary. Format is good and allows for some really interesting insights into what made the comedians tick.

Freddie Starr…Freddie Fcuking Starr? :persevere:

Of all the stand up geniuses you could have chosen…Dermot Morgan, Ron White, Denis Carlin, Andy Kaufman, John Belushi…you went with Freddie Starr?

Mind blown ! :scream:

And Roy Brown?


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Yeah, why not throw in Rod Hull & Emu, while you are at it? :thinking:

Mickey Flanagan is about as relevant as his hair …
Ricky Gervais a bit David Brent-ish on stage …

Emo Philips … and controversially … Michael McIntyre.

Disappointed too that you all forgot Tommy Cooper just like that …

Kevin James does a very funny routine of women picking out what greeting card to buy in a shop. Versus a man doing it. It’s about 7 minutes long and is all mime. You can guess which one is 6 mins 45 seconds & which one is 15 seconds.

Am at work, but will try & find it later.

Do Jeff Dunham & Achmed the suicide bomber count?

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Unbelievable nobody has mentioned the funniest man in the UK - after Boris Johnson …

The one and only …



Never saw any of their standup. I was going back through the comedy I grew up with and my Da used to always have the Billy, Freddy and Dave Allen on all the time. Then as I was in my teens my brother introduced me to Roy Brown who I used to remember crying laughing at. So, I have my reasons

Yeah, so has had the hampster. :wink:

:hamster: :hamster:

A lot of what Mickey Flanagan does I find quite funny. Some brilliant anecdotes from when he was “a player” in the early 80’s as weel as moving to “posh Essex” from the East End once he got married.

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Freddie Starr was brilliant.
Dunno who Denis Carlin is but George Carlin is/was one of the greats.
Tommy Cooper always one of many people’s favourites. Les Dawson had his moments.
Two of the funniest shows I ever saw (both at the Cat Laughs) were Greg Proops, and The Nualas.

The outright funniest show I ever saw was Jon Kenny in The Oarhouse restaurant in Howth. Two and a half hours without a break, I ran out of sides and tears.

Btw IMHO the Oar House is the best restraunt in H, albeit I haven’t made it there in about two to three years

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Great post, @5AliveOh. Jon Kenny and Pat Shortt, altbough not stand-up, were/are brilliant live performers.
Les Dawson on the mother-in-law and playing the piano… Top notch.

Louis C K anyone :eyes:
Loved his show Louie

Some names I haven’t seen mentioned.

Joan Rivers, she was sharp as hell and far more daring than most edgy comics.

Dylan Moran is fantastic at constructing longer sstory like pieces.

Tig Notaro does some great stuff and the set she did just after being diagnosed with cancer is brilliant.

Eddie Izzard, for my money the best stand up. I don’t think I’ve ever seen another stand up who can put together a routine as intelligently as he does.

JK does stand-up Beeko, it’s a story-telling style but nonetheless. PS has come close to top level with some of his series and film roles but hasn’t quite hit the mark yet.