Stand up comedy

Good call on Joan Rivers. I wonder did Mae West do stand-up? WC Fields must’ve been good. Goldie Hawn? Has anyone mentioned Groucho? I believe Woody Harlesson was class. And of course Bill Murray.

Rich Hall was doing a piece on different nationalities, it concluded with “and the Irish, well…THERE’s a nation well capable of entertaining itself!”. :grin:

Yea he is very good and loved his show too. Dave Chapelle does a great piece on his latest antics in a recent show. ‘Why didn’t she just hang up the phone?’ :joy::joy::joy:

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Dave Chapelle is a genius.

I’m Rick James bitch ! :joy: :joy::joy:

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Ye seen this @Harper @ProudDub :laughing:

Forgot about Richard Prior and Eddie Murphy!

Watching the new Ricky Gervais one at the moment. If you like Ricky it’s very good

Thought I’d better name easily the best comedian going, Stewart Lee, before the thread hit 50 posts and spontaneously combusted.

Ah yes, had forgotten about him. Not easily the best comedian going but very good nonetheless. You do have to be into him though, brought 3 people to see him last year and none of them enjoyed it. I thought he was brilliant

Jaysus!! I’d say that was a cracking night out …

We still got locked… Obviously

It’s on next Monday on rte as well

Aiden Gillen is the worst actor since Jim MacDonald in Corrie, compared to him Danny Dyer is Olivier…

Ah , he was grand in the Wire & I thought he was an excellent ■■■■■■■ in GOT.

Thought he was great in Love Hate

Forgotten he was in that !

Never saw a minute of Love Hate or Game of Thrones tbh, anything I’ve seen him in though he’s been as hammy as a culchies car boot on AI Sunday

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He was brilliant in it , slime personafied .

You’re dead to me.

Again? :wink:

Thought Love Hate got better when they got rid of him as the main focus and switched focus to Nidge

Who are you?