States for the summer

Just wondering about clubs and the effects of players going away for the summer . When do most go ? How has or will it effect your team ? Looking at fixtures there’s 10 league games from end of May to end of July . That’s a massive chunk of the season . Would be interesting to see if been knocked out of championship early will show a bigger number going for these teams . Most be really tough time for some clubs .

Depends how many students you have on your team. But most students will be away from End of May to the Start of August, almost to a man. Even those who don’t go to USA, head to Thailand, Inter railing at the like. Have to plan around it.and ensure that you have a chunk of players who aren’t students!

I’d imagine this year we will see a lot of clubs affected by it. The number of students going various places for the summer is getting ever higher.

We’re going to be absolutely decimated this summer between lads going to the US or Canada, think we have 12 going away for the summer. So looks like the junior team could well fold and the seniors will struggle big time.

It’s a massive problem . Don’t know what’s the solution but with 10 games in June and July that’s a massive part of the session

The fact there are that many games over those Summer months will leave clubs struggling big time with lads going away. The fact we’re in May now and my own team has only played 3 league games is a joke.