Streaming underage teams

Just wondering what people’s takes are regarding streaming underage teams. Obviously the county board want it done. I understand the pros and cons of streaming, but any tips on how to do it and how do parents take it that their kids are on the A or B team?

I would have thought there are huge legal and child protection ramifications over steaming underage games.
The county board want it done? Really?

I take it by streaming your talking Strong A v Lesser B team as opposed to filming children ?


Hahahaha. Jaysis. Misread that completely :joy:


I didn’t even want to go there :rofl:


Streaming is a great idea , unfortunately short minded coaches often fathers fook it up for the kids with a win at all costs attitude.
In a seven aside if you put the best seven out against another clubs best 7 hopefully at a similar level theres an equal opportunity to flourish and enjoy
What I have witnessed is coaches trying to put out two teams and rather than an A and a B, they try to send out two teams of equal ability 3 good 3 weak and a keeper
The result is you have three players in both games dominating and three statues not touching a ball
If you have an honest second best 7 it increases their chances of touching the ball and enjoying the game
As big an issue as streaming is game time, I’ve seen young refs have to hound a coach to give a kid some game time because they don’t want to lose


You actually replied saying ‘steaming’ which made me even more confused!! :joy::joy::joy::joy:



Thanks Damo. Yeah I agree that it needs to be done so that the weaker players develop their skills as apposed to been a spectator. Also if the stronger players are testing themselves against equally strong teams they’ll develop further too. In your experience does putting a kid in the B team cause problems with the sometimes more competitive parents?

Id try and get into as little dialogue with parents , many have opinions but little else to offer start explaining yourself you will never stop,
what I would say is Id have a system where you rotate one lad a week so a lad that excels for the B team following week may get a run out with the A team. A lad struggling with the As drops down , making sure everyone knows nothing is set in stone .
A team I helped out with called the teams The Cluxton team and the Brogan team rather than A n B
Players grow develop at massive intervals , a lad I saw play from the age of 13 on Dublin development squads when we played tournaments he was always on the second team Andy Dunphy , this year Andy lined out for the Dublin senior hurling team some of the lads picked ahead of him for Dublin A teams cant make their own clubs first teams , just goes to show


Definitely go two (streamed) teams where you can. At U11, I’ve seen coaches trying to play 13-a-side with 10 lads on the sideline which is utter madness as half the lads on the pitch don’t get a touch and the others get little or no game time.

Parents shouldn’t really be bothered which team their Johnny is playing with as long as he’s getting game time. If he’s as good as they think, he should quickly excel in the weaker team and move on to the stronger team.


Streaming should happen. Rotation between weak A and strong B is important and players/parents should be aware.
For those parents that think Johnny is the next Dublin star, drop him from A to B and see does he stand out in any games.
The constant problem with streaming in club games is some clubs mix up A,B,C, while others keep 1 or 2 very strong lads on C. This leads to huge mis matches in some games.

Really there needs to be fairplay and agreement as to what streaming really means.

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Streaming is great as weaker players improve at a rate of knots cause suddenly they’re getting much more of the ball which can only improve them. Then when it goes back to 1 team (2/3 yrs time) they will be used of having the ball and overall the squad will have improved

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I read this whole thread. Alan’s misunderstanding and then understanding and still didn’t cop on that ye didn’t mean live streaming games. Ffs.


Very confusing indeed. Maybe should re title the thread as grading? I remember being ‘streamed’ as a kid and there was a girl in my stream. She was bigger and better than the rest of us. I don’t think any of us ever recovered from the psychological trauma of that event. It must be why none us played county.

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Is it why you are @Blueballs

Might have to change the username to Liathróidí Beag

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My lad was streamed two years ago, best thing ever. He started on C team. The stronger lads were on the A team, when they were mixed the stronger lads dominated and owned the ball… From starting on the C my fella blossomed, got on ball lot more confidence grew, progressed up to B team, now on A team, now he’s hanging on there, was more comfortable on B but I can see huge improvement in him… So I think it’s a great system. Having said all that I don’t mind what level he’s playing, once he’s playing and enjoying, which he is… Other parents might not agree


Steaming is the way to go if done right. Very weak kids playing at a standard way above them is no good for their development or confidence and they often walk away.


What age group are clubs starting to do this?