Stripe / Foireann helpline

Hey folks,can anyone who has a working email address / phone number to get stripe / forieann issues resolved please send me the details by PM?

I tried emailing the email and raising a ticket on the helpdesk but I’m not getting any acknowledgements or replies several weeks on.


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Try that was in use previously

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thanks vin

If that doesn’t work, I’d ring Croke Park and ask for the IT support section. Had to do that before to get an email password reset. Had to leave a voicemail but they got back to me the same day

sound, seems to have been some movement, although stripe are now suspending the account until I produce corportae documentation that no club would realistically have. :flushed: Very frsyustrating as we don’t choose to use stripe with foireann, it’s something forced on us as part of the GAA’s deal with them through foireann, so I’m not really sure why they are now asking us to prove we exist for AML purposes :roll_eyes:

Did you open it through Foireann or as a stand alone account?

Through foireann. don’t use it at all other than through foireann!

Must be a straightforward way of dealing with it. Every club is in the same boat

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Presume you’re not dealing with them using the name Bobo?

That’s exactly what I figured

Indeed - I may be a Baldy, but I’m not called Bobo :grinning:

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:joy: I find Foireann very cumbersome.

As one of the lads says ‘it’s all bleedin foireann to me.’

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