Strumpet City

It’s been 40 years since Strumpet City, adapted for television by Hugh Leonard, appeared on our screens. In my opinion one of the finest productions ever produced by RTE. Incredible acting. Great story. For anyone interested the entire series of episodes is available on You Tube. Well worth a few hours of your time.


Cheers I actually give that whirl tonight.

Found the DVD in the Golden Discs bargain bin a few years ago. Well worth a re-watch.

The book is great, as is it’s sequel Farewell Companions, if yiz are looking for some lockdown reading. It’s not a proper sequel as the original Strumpet City characters barely feature in it, but it stands up pretty well on its own as a novel.

David Kelly was in it if I remember correctly without cheating. Who else?

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Bryan Murray
Cyril Cusack
Peter Ustinov (briefly)

Some line up of actors

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Peter O’ Toole as big Jim Larkin


The great Donal McCann played Mulrhall and Frank Grimes as the young priest Fr. O’Connor

Great Series. Started my acting career on Strumpet City. Great memories, kids got me the DVD few years back, got to meet some great Stars, all filmed on location.
My Dad was onto me couple weeks back, he found a box full of payslips & original parental confirmation letter. Even appeared on the DVD inside cover, bald head far right.


Ha the bleedin state of you.

Fair play.

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Had to get the head shaved as part of the character.
The younger brother refused, and bawled his eyes out, so we had to walk around with skinheads for months, the little bollox had full head of hair during filming :joy::joy:


"C’mon Rashers and I’ll buy you a pint”.
I’d sooner have the tuppence.

My favourite Irish novel of all time. One of RTEs best ever drama adaptations. I have it on DVD here for years. Donal McCann as Mulhall is masterful.

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Great series. But a really fantastic book. An era of Dublin history that in my youth and twenties and probably even a bit beyond was almost like a shame that couldn’t be spoken of.

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Yes, Strumpet City is great of course but I preferred Farewell Companions. No big historical figures in it, just ordinary people living in Ringsend, going to the Rovers v Shels local derby and the pubs after. Very evocative of Dublin in the first half of the 20th century.

Yeah, I think that’s why I loved it so much - it was a real window into the Dublin that both of my parents were born into.

I have a very different perspective on that , I come from a very active trade union background and this era was frequently discussed at home. Many (much) older relatives were involved in the strikes and the stories were handed down as a source of pride.


Fair enough. My da was very involved in the ETU committee, he grew up in 1920s North Inner City


Isn’t it amazing how different families view things. Our backgrounds sound very similar. It’s part of our family folklore. I can see how it could be viewed differently though .

Ah he spoke about it alright and was a very active socialist partly because of the legacy. I was just thinking though it was my impression generally back in the earlier part of my life that it was not something most people I knew spoke about or wanted to.

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Rashers Tierney, what a great character.

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