Substitutes substituted

What are the most high profile cases of substitutes substituted in recent times? I know there are a few but not for the first time in my life my mind is blank. There have been some due to injury but there was also a few because the guy brought on didn’t perform. I have an idea a hurler was brought on in a big enough game and then taken off again fairly soon. Am thinking it was Clare??

Anyone any examples?

Paul Ryan against Galway in that awful replay in Tullamore?


Peter canavan was brought off and put bak on in, I think it was the 2008 final,

When Clare won All Ireland in 1995. Eamon Taffe came on as sub scored winning goal and then taken off. Was on pitch for 19 minutes

Canavan not the one I’m trying to remember - that was tactical. The one I have in mind was very embarrassing. Not Paul R either though correct shout also. I think it was a Clare forward??? Seana Morey or Honan or someone like that maybe?

Peter Duggan came on sub for Clare a couple years and then off 10-15 minutes later

that was the 03 final against Armagh. Alan Brogan was taken off against Tyrone in 2010 and brought back on minutes later

Could be Duggan Stato. Or maybe I am thinking of Juan Mata???

Sometimes I stand in the mirror talk a long hard look at myself and am not happy with what I see. Because it’s the wardrobe.


I think a rule should be brought in whereby substitutes can’t be taken off again unless a doctor says they’re injured. It’s just too hurtful and embarrassing.

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What if you don’t have a doctor?
What if he’s shite? (The player that is!!) Do you have to wait for a team-mate to beat the crap out of him in order to have him replaced?
If the player feels its too hurtful or embarrassing they might need to use some of the steroids that are not being used over on the rugby thread!!!

Ali Dia?

:relaxed: George Weah’s cousin! Taken off as Souness he was brought on!!

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Ray Cosgrove retired in a Division 2 league final ( did we lose to Westmeath) circa 2007/2008 after being brought on and taken off by Pillar

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Cosgrove was brought on and subbed against Meath in the 1999 Leinster final by a clueless Carr in probably the worst 70 minutes of team management Dublin have ever suffered.

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In the semi final this year The tipp replacement for the black carded player and had to be taken off 20 mins later and could have been 19 mins earler, poor lad had a nightmare

Yup that could be the one in my head alright