Suggested English Essay Titles for the 2021 Leaving Cert

So on the Covid thread, @LondonJack just suggested ‘Why is Michael O Leary more important than my education?’ as a suggested option for the English essay in this year’s Leaving Cert*. I think he’s on to something here so started a thread.

My initial suggestion would be:

‘Norma Foley - failure, waffler, gee-bag? Discuss!’

Anyone with any suggestions? Marks for humour!

*Disclaimer: the Leaving Cert may or may not happen…or maybe just for three days per week in June, which seems fair!

“Why am I doing this exam”

I reckon you’d get leaving certs far more capable of a decent speech than the shite we’ve heard from our politicians this year so far and last.


Missing my trip to Santa to sit this exam

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Leo Varadker - Master And Commander: The Far Side Of Castleknock.


Very traditional Hair do.

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She looks like a wan out of a sraith pictiur

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“let’s do the Norma Foley”

All you need to do is a u turn around the floor.

There is a Norma Foley drinking game doing the rounds as well.

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Recently suggested essay titles include:

"Unionists- planted, bought and sold. Are they just vegetables?’ Discuss

‘Government apologies… the cheapest option’… discuss.


One of the essay questions in History in the 1975 Leaving was ‘History is Bunk.’ Discuss. A fella could fill books of foolscap pages with absolute twaddle and provided the grammar was on point, spelling adequate and the handwriting was clear and legible, bob’s your uncle.
I wouldn’t fancy doing the Leaving nowadays. God love them.

‘Cancel culture and online snowflakes… the suggestion that some ‘woken’ people are constantly offended’. Real or imagined?

Here’s Not the Nine o’clock News take on Essay Titles…