Sunday Game 10/05/2020; Dublin v Mayo 2017

A novel way of covering GAA in these unprecedented times.

Will be interesting to see if Rochford has any nuggets of knowledge from his own POV when reassessing the game with Whelo later on.

I think we’ll win as long as Keegans GPS doesn’t hit the ball.

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Dean Rock never has any influence on Dubs games eh??

That was a great point from Colm Boyle just before half time. I forgot we were only two behind at the break. Typical Mayo - couldn’t build much of a lead after 30 minutes of dominance.

It was that moment that Keegan celebrated to the Hill that I knew they wouldn’t win.

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Nah, it was Donie Shoes hitting Smallie that screwed them over.

Conor Lane riding us again with that lineball call

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Good man Deano!

Ah here it’s all about Mayo again!

Chris Barrett had a fine game that day in fairness

He gave away the all important free at the end and a few others…

DC’s point to level it at 1-12 each when they’re dragging and hanging out of him, just class


Jaysus, anything to get Aido into the spotlight. He did nothing of note in the final at all

You’d feel sorry for Cillian

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That final or any final.

Pop pass to Lee Keegan for goal in 2016 replay is about the sum total of it.

Fair play to SR for doing this. Not many former managers would. Seems like a really decent skin.


In fairness to Rochford he didn’t throw Donie under the bus there.

What a hit from Small even if he got a 2nd yellow from it. Although he got Vaughan sent off as well