Super 8 Explainer

I’m going to be honest here lads, I haven’t a rashers what’s happening.

Can someone explain to me how this works for us now?

Games. many games over 4 weeks. Big panels = good. Small panels = fucked.

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It’ll be a Dublin vs. Kerry All Ireland final. That’s about all ye need to know :wink:

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Two Groups of 4

Ours is

Cork - or whoever beats them in Rnd 4
Roscommon - or as above

The other group (Can’t remember which one is A or B)

Laois - or who ever beats them in Rnd 4
Fermanagh - or as above

Each team plays the other 3 teams in their group once.

Top 2 from each group make the semi finals.

Dubs away in Roscommon tie

Are we in Croker and against Donegal in 3 weeks ?


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Lots of culchies ticked off we have 2 games & in Croker & they only have one. For once, I can’t say I blame them. We should have to travel twice too imo.


Is our away tie not to Cork/qualifier?


Yep If it’s Cork that will be the away game. PUC ain’t gonna pay for itself. If it’s not Cork the away game venue will be interesting

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Our away game is to cork / qualifier with the proviso that if cork/ qualifier don’t have capacity in their grounds our away game will be swapped with the Rossies/ qualifier game.

Indo explainer is wrong. Away game is v Cork or their conquerors

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The indo must have it wrong so. They’ve us in Croker on 14th/15th against Donegal. Then away to Roscommon / winner away on 21/22.

Yeah…and if the Kerry game is anything to go by, the new Pairc is far from being the fortress the old kip was.

possible away in PUC, but after their shambolic display last night I think they will get dumped out in qualifiers. So away to whoever beats them, h

We are Home first then away then back to CP

I posted the GAA link … will ye feckin read.


Depends on who they draw I suppose. A Mayo, Monaghan or Tyrone will eat them for breakfast. They could get lucky & get a Cavan or a Kildare.

Clare could get Leitrim - the winner could get Laois or Fermanagh - meaning a really crap team in the Super 8s.