Super 8's 2019 Football

I know I’m pre-empting lots of things and tempting fate but trying to plan a family holiday so here goes…
Does anyone know the likely dates for the Super 8’s this year and do we know yet when the Dublin away game is likely to be in the event of us being Leinster Champions ?

Thanks Folks

Quarter-Final Group 2 Phase 1 Leinster Provincial Winner Played between 13th-14th(July) Munster Runner-Up/Round 3 Winner

Quarter-Final Group 2 Phase 2 Leinster Provincial Winner Played between 20th-21st(July) Connacht Provincial Winner

2 Phase 3 Ulster Runner-Up/Round 3 Winner Played between 03rd-04th (AUG) Leinster Provincial Winner

Away game is Phase Three game so August 3rd or 4th

You’re a gent,Thanks very much.

Thin I’ll only make the away game - typical Dub - never go to the home games :slightly_smiling_face:

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**Cancels hotel in Castlebar!!!

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