Super 8's: Road to glory or end of the Road?

Now that the “Paths Of The Dead - The Qualifiers 2019” has effectively ended I thought it was time for a “Super 8’s” thread as we attempt to close in on Sam once again.

Following on for the circus in Portlaoise yesterday the warning to all teams is to avoid complacency.

Here are the full set of fixtures to hand:

Saturday July 13: Group 2 Phase 1:

Roscommon v Tyrone, Dr Hyde Park, 5.0

Dublin v Cork Croke Park, 7.0

Sunday July 14. Group 1 Phase 1

Donegal v Meath, Ballybofey, 2.0

Kerry v Mayo,Killarney, 4.0

Saturday, July 20. Group 2 Phase 2

Cork v Tyrone Croke Park 5.0

Dublin v Roscommon. Croke Park, 7.0

Sunday, July 21 Group 1 Phase 2

Mayo v Meath Croke Park, 2.0

Kerry v Donegal Croke Park, 4.0

Saturday/Sunday Aug 3/4 Group 1 phase 3

Mayo v Donegal:Castlebar

Meath v Kerry Navan

Group 2 phrase 3 Cork v Roscommon, Páirc Uí Chaoimh

Tyrone v Dublin: Omagh

Next weekends games Predictions)

Roscommon v Tyrone, Wouldn’t be surprised if it was a draw!

Dublin v Cork Croke Park, I expect Dublin to win this

Sunday July 14:

Donegal v Meath, Comfortable win for Donegal

Kerry v Mayo,Killarney, I should say Mayo but I think it will be a draw.

Kerry (reckon we will find it difficult in Killarney after that game in Limerick…hope I’m wrong)

Tyrone will win with a bit to spare. Dublin with plenty to spare. Donegal possibly to have the biggest win of the entire Super 8 series. I hope Mayo beat Kerry but think this game might be too soon for Mayo.

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I dont expect any easy games.

Silly question(s) time:

Are you automatically through if you win your first two games?

Does winning or loosing the last game (Having won your first two) dictate who you pay in the semi?

Let the mind games begin… :smiley:

No. Three teams could each win two games, (one other team losing all of their games) so it would come down to score difference.

And you can lose two games and still qualify. One team could win all three games and their group with the other three teams each winning one game. Scoring difference would again decide which of these three teams would qualify in second place.

It is possible to lose three championship games in one season under the current format and still win the All-Ireland.


No easy games but Dublin and Donegal should have enough in the tank to come through without too much panic.

If the games go as I believe they SHOULD I think it is a chance for both Counties to empty the bench.

Thanks for that Beeko, all up in the air so!

No mind games…I call it as I see it…reckon our final game in Castlebar v Donegal will decide who joins Kerry on top…what an explosive game that could be…and I would back us to win it…a lot of football to be played before that however

Said it before the groups were even confirmed, I don’t see Kerry getting through. They are awful at the back and struggled past Cork and Clare. I think the fact they are at home this weekend will be a slight advantage but I still think Mayo can knick a draw.

Much will depend on how Aido and David Moran get on. If Kerry break even and get ball into their forwards, they’ll do damage. However, if Aido and co are allowed to run down the middle, Kerry are in trouble. Mayo will need 70 mins from Aido ( a big ask). I expect a lot of dragging and cute hoorism from both teams. Will Leeroy pick up Clifford or Sean O’Shea? I must admit, that I am very much looking forward to this one.


Sean O Se I reckon and do a similar job he did in league final but will depend if Keegan is fit for a full game.

Kerry will win 2/3 imo. Second qualifier will likely hinge on Donegal v Mayo … that could be good!

Dublin and Tyrone will hit Omagh with 2 wins each … Dubs to top group.

I can see Donegal topping that group.

Me also.

Thing is, anyone (Other than Meath) could top that group. We could be seeing a few draws!

Can anyone remember when the GAA fixed the 3rd super 8 games last year? Looking to make plans for Omagh