Super 8's: Road to glory or end of the Road?

Must be for that super kick he gave the smallest player in Croker as he scored a point yesterday. Big man.

You forgot heart and emotion. Their coach in that department must be top drawer.

Came on as a sub, scored a goal, set one up and I think he might have got the same score as Meath did for the entire game, or close to it.


not as good as that Cox lad, though.

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I remember this site when a game v Tyrone would bring out all sorts of badness.

Now it’s like an old people’s home. Hardly lift your arses to give off about us.

I must join that Kerry forum as a Dub and see if I can ruffle a few feathers.


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Eh, potentially. As you said yourself.

He has a very good right foot too. I always felt Maurice was overrated tbh, did amazing things, not sure often enough. Matt Connor was magnificent, greatest Offaly sportsperson until now and he’s replaced by Shane Lowrys granny.

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Best forward I think I’ve ever seen is Canavan. Could Clifford turn out better than him? His underage (and senior ) career indicate he might do.

IMO. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.



Anthony Cunningham very complimentary to the Dublin squad and set up in tonight’s Herald worth a read

I understand English, thanks. I don’t see how people make the leap from phenomenal underage player to potentially the best ever. Perhaps it’s just a sign of the times where everything is mega - either the very best or the absolute worst.

Anyhow I’m done with this. More power to him. A classy player and the real deal. I just hope they don’t pull him down as quickly as they’ve built him up.

Probably played on the poorest Kerry sides in their history to be fair to Maurice. He had a lot to do. Similar to Connolly a ridiculous level of natural talent but not seen as often as it should have been.

Canavan is a good shout but Matt Connor was for me the classiest of them all. Honourable mention to Pat Spillane as much as I can’t stand him - probably the best wing forward of all time.

Others I liked in modern times – Stephen O Neil ( class act) and Mc Donnell from Armagh ( should have retired sooner) Alan Brogan remains my personal favourite over the last 20 years from Dublin teams in terms of forwards.


I always had great respect for Paul Curran, felt he was one of the best players to pull on a Dublin shirt, badly under-rated.

Don t think Curran was under rated tbf . Got moved around a bit until 92 when he settled into the right wing back role. The 94 final fiasco which was nt of his making aside he had a great career. Great athlete as well as footballer he fit into the modern game well.


Jack McCaffrey “Mark 1”

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The whole 30k thing is a complete misquote of McKenna who was talking about a hypothetical scenario about the debt repayments and if there were only ever 10 games a year in Croke Park. It was taken out of context initially and misconstrued ever since.


and as we know the bitters will say how the GAA hare happy to open Croke Park at a loss for the dubs and all that rubbish.

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