Super 8's: Road to glory or end of the Road?

Think we cud do with a game to be honest … yesterday will have done both Kerry n donegal a power of good … especially Kerry where the young era lads ( Clifford included ) got a full of it but still survived

We are literally waking to the semis without a iota of a challenge

That’s the crux of the whole thing. As well anyone anyone putting together a coherent argument linking participation rates to senior intercounty success. I’ve never seen one.

A criticism of the GAA is not enough was done in other urban settings that required attention. Antrim despite its significant internal issues shouldn’t be a wasteland at intercounty level. That needs addressed.

Don’t think MH has much choice but to play his best 15.

Big risk of getting a beating at home…6 days before a semi.

Tyrone fans will see this as a measure of how much the team has progressed relative to Dublin

The biggest thing for me is the tactics…MH needs to ditch the blanket defence.

Absolutely, Antrim needs to be the next Dublin. We underperformed for years (and were probably underfunded too), but Antrim needs a huge focus now. Possibly Louth as well, The GAA in Dundalk and Drogheda is at a low enough ebb.

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Since the league though there hasn’t been many signs of progression. Although the second half of that Cork game was impressive enough. I thought they didn’t have it in them to come from behind, given the type of game they play.

The fact that’s it not so or die though changes the complexion of it. It’s probably like a league game, the team that wants it the most will win it.

Someone said to me today that Tyrone have went backwards.

And when you see how Donegal and Kerry played - tactics and shots-wise…it’s hard to disagree.

Just hope Tyrone don’t go out to keep the scores down. They need to play as they did the league to have any hope.

But unless they’ve been working on a Plan B in training - I’m not sure how they can switch gear so easy.

Someone said something to you that was incorrect. When they take the shackles off, it’s not too bad to watch at all.

Based on what we have seen in the super 8 groups so far there is nothing that the Dubs should fear, I think we will beat Tyrone (no offence daller) as Tyrone struggled badly against Cork and could easily have been beaten. Tyrone beat a half fit Dublin team in the league, their conditioning has come on leaps and bounds, CK is at least a stone lighter, king Con is eating full back lines with his porridge and MDMA is maurading up and down the field like he was 4-5 years ago.
Speaking with some Tyrone lads on Saturday in Croker, they didn’t seem to pushed about not beating the dubs, more looking forward to Omagh,
I asked a few as they left before half time of Dubs game if they were going straight to Healy park with plumb lines and chalk lines to narrow the pitch and blame it on Sky or the extra 2000 nuns MH might bring it to pray on the sideline with their rosary beads.

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Only morons or the disingenuous persist with the financial doping nonsense.

People seem less capable of engaging with opinions they disagree with nowadays.


Hope you’re right.

Was going grand until the Donegal game.

Kinda get why the blanket was used against L’ford - to steady the ship.

But felt Tyrone were too defensive in games since - games they could’ve experimented with.

Think fans will be ok if they see Tyrone attack Dublin. But unforgivable to repeat 2017.

The flip side is that both teams don’t go flat to the mat.

I’d be ok with that - keep the powder dry.

But from what I’ve saw from Dublin this season…they’ll go for the kill.

As J McC said…once we cross that white line, we’re going to kill ye.

I don’t think the Dubs want any blemish at all on their record, as you mention once they cross the white line its a different story, they don’t do sentiment. If they do manage to do something no other senior men’s team have ever done then they wont want any asterix there for the KOTF to moan about.

Maybe there is a symbolic side to the backroom thinking, enjoy the day out in Tyrone as we are already in the Semi Final, but win in the hope that we make the final and it is against Kerry. Winning the Final against them would put a lot of bullsh1t to bed.

Tyrone have improved against Dublin since that 2017 semi.

The 2018 Super 8 in Omagh was tight-ish, beat by 6 pts in the AI final - and of course the league win this year.

Tyrone fans aren’t thinking of winning Sam this year. Happy to see progress and maybe beat Kerry in a semi.

But I feel that only be done by playing less defensively. It’s like the tactics reverted after Donegal.

Both teams will know who has finished 1/2 in the other Group. If Mayo get 2nd it might be a good incentive to win.

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The more “B Team” the sides field, the bigger the winning margin for Dublin.

Don’t get me wrong…if Tyrone did beat Dublin in Omagh it’d be a massive confidence boost

Personally though I’d rather keep something in the tank for the semi just 6 days later - against Kerry most likely.

Funny…I’d rather lose to Donegal than Kerry.

Some rivalries never leave you I guess.

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Think I heard that Group 1 is played before Group 2?

If so, their winner won’t know who they meet until a day later.

You’d think they’d conclude the same day as it is in the League. Exactly to avoid any tactical games.