Super 8's: Road to glory or end of the Road?

Group 1 finishes on Sat 3rd

Group 2 finishes on Sun 4th

So Kerry will kick themselves if they finish 1st - and Dublin finish 2nd a day later!

Colm Boyle nominated for GAA player of the week and Con isn’t ???:man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2::man_shrugging:t2:

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Colm Boyle nominated for GAA Kick of the week…( Fixed that for you.)

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Jesus that lad can’t stop winning - all stars, Mr. Furious awards, mr. universal angry award, and now this… kick of the week. Pure champ.


I was interested to hear Harte say before the Cork game that realistically everyone bar Dublin were playing for second place in the group. It seemed unlike him and of no great benefit to Tyrone to be saying it.

Read that myself…unlike him as you say.

But he was asked the question, and if he’d said he was planning on finishing 1st…it could’ve came across as arrogant or created a headline.

In a way he can afford to be candid / underplay expectations - there’s no pressure on him to beat the Dubs.

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If the Dublin team was full of lads that dont usually start, cant see how a win would be a massive boost

I meant if Dublin A came up to win - and were still beat.

(I was being hypothetical).

Dean Rock equaled the score of the entire Connacht Champions team, in the same game, and doesn’t even get a look in at POTW.

Yes, we are that good.

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There is a gentle sense of hypocrisy in your two posts, when taken together!!:rofl::rofl:. (I’m bring mischievous here!)

She clearly wasnt searched by Frontline Security on the way in.

Must be for that super kick he gave the smallest player in Croker as he scored a point yesterday. Big man.

You forgot heart and emotion. Their coach in that department must be top drawer.

Came on as a sub, scored a goal, set one up and I think he might have got the same score as Meath did for the entire game, or close to it.


not as good as that Cox lad, though.

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I remember this site when a game v Tyrone would bring out all sorts of badness.

Now it’s like an old people’s home. Hardly lift your arses to give off about us.

I must join that Kerry forum as a Dub and see if I can ruffle a few feathers.


Premium level ticket

Eh, potentially. As you said yourself.