Swap Trades Website


Do any of you know of any Swap Trades Websites?

As in “Web Designer, i can do a website for you… if you are a Plasterer and can re-plaster my Box Room Wall” kinda thingy…


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Yeah yeah sure Bottler … We all know where you’re heading with this one … :couple:

Ha ha haaaa… not that yet Dub09 :grin:

Have an old house I’d like to get fixed up: plumbing, electrics, plastering, carpentry etc… Hasn’t been touched in 20 years.

And without sounding like a tight arse (which I’m not) … was just interested in seeing if there were any websites with heads offering their services. As the Dermot Bannon’s of this world are definitely out, seeing this will be more a holiday home.

Tight arse

:grin: :grin: :grin:

Joking aside… I’m not… just no longer living in Ireland… so I have no contacts for builders/ laborers/ tradesmen.

All that’s popping up on the web are the big boys.

Also experience has taught me having had premises & an apartment renovated here … a better price can be negotiated/ obtained from a smaller outfit than a bigger (overheads, outgoings etc higher for big firms).

That’s just savvy business, not tightness.

What region we talking Bottler?

My guess is Donegal. Cowboys Ted, cowboys.

:grinning: :grinning: Donegal will be the project after this one DCR - the retirement plan - lording it up with the McGee’s :stuck_out_tongue:

No, this place is in Boyle, Roscommon… 2 hours from Dublin Dub09

The brother did something similar a few years back with a place in Leitrim. He did a lot of the grafting or roped family and friends in. ‘Come on down for a few pints for the craic … and bring your tools’. They’re were a few Poles around too I think that were reasonable. You’re probably best to make a load of appointments for some Saturday there and meet potential builders - easier to judge people in person and then you could also ask around about their work etc.

Dub09 : Ah no way. Boyle’s only down the road from Carrick-on-shannon / Leitrim. Not to put you out of your way… but if you are talking to your brother you might ask him if he still has their details - assuming i make it out of Brussels… as a load of police and military are flying down the road here - supposedly some nutter in a long coat with wires hanging out at the end of my street. Great.

He is nearer Ballinamore than Carrick but I’ll ask him if there is anyone he’d recommend and come back to you.

Boards.ie have a big thread on tradesmen and that kinda of thing.