Tailteann Cup

Preliminary round

Wexford vs Offaly

Wicklow vs Waterford

Round 1

Wexford/Offaly vs Wicklow/Waterford

Carlow vs Tipperary

Laois vs Westmeath

Tailteann Cup Dates

Preliminary Round | 21-22.05.2022 (Sat/Sun)

Round 1 | 28-29.05.2022 (Sat/Sun)

Quarter-Finals | 04-05.06.2022 (Sat/Sun)

Semi-Finals | 19.06.2022 (Sun)

Final | 09.07.2022 (Sat)

Wexford play Offaly again. Surely they can avoid that kind of thing. No good to anyone.

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They’re split into 2 different division’s…north & south, aren’t they? May be a half decent way to generate a few rivalries with counties near each other.

Aye. So where’s the rest of it then? Antrim, Fermanagh, Leitrim, Sligo, Longford?

Think its farcical myself. Sure they play each other all the time. Should have done a mixed group format imo


It’s only for this year

This is here to stay . People have to get used to it

Not sure Cavan v Waterford would generate a whole lot of interest

A chance for redemption in this case for Offaly but yeah not sure why there wasn’t a rule preventing teams that previously matched up in provincials avoiding each other until the semifinals. Also not a fan of it being regionalized but that’s what we got at the moment.

The winner gets direct access to the AI championship next year or the A championship

More then a few teams there could benefit from that

I’ll be honest, I probably won’t ever watch a game in it. Unless the Dubs get relegated !


That’s fair enough but what’s the alternative to the provincial turkey shoots

At the point now where recognised football counties like Meath have no business playing against top tier teams

Here’s the full draw for the preliminary and first round. New York have a bye to the quarterfinals presumably for travel reasons.

Next year is 4 groups of 4 for both Tailteann and Sam Maguire, more games and a better format


Edit: @SamuelMaguire has allayed my fears above

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Leitrim Antrim should be a cracker. Winner plays Judes AFL11 team the week after


The north and south thing is to try make there be 1000 people at the games rather than 200 you’d imagine

I heard it was a Brexit thing driven by the DUP.

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Unfortunately this will go down the route of Tommy Murphy. League Div 3 and 4 have basically become extended.

I would imagine the players have fcuk all interest. Why we keep doing the same thing by and large and expect different results I dunno.

The provincial format is dead, move on and 8 groups of 4, 3 matches each minimum. Disucssed time and time again, but some want to hold onto Munster and Leinster championships! Go figure.

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I’ve no desire to watch Waterford v Kerry though

The status quo without grading is a waste of time in my view

They get paddled by 25 points

Every GAA competition is graded . I’ve yet to see junior clubs pack it up and say well we aren’t senior so we aren’t arsed

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So why is tommy Murphy cup not around?