Taking kids out of school during term for a holiday

Just looking for some insight or information from those of you with kids.

Have you ever taken a child out of school during term for a holiday?

Did you discuss with teacher/principal beforehand?

Any teachers on here with insight on these things happening also?

At second level parents simply don’t care. They’ll email in that they’re going. That’s it. Sometimes you won’t get the mail till they get back. Frankly I don’t like the practice at all. In essence you’re saying to your kids that school isn’t as important as a trip away.

In the UK it’s actually a criminal offence without the permission of the principal.

Primary I’ve no idea. But I’d imagine it’s the same. There’s never a discussion. You’re just told the kid won’t be in.

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Yeah i know it’s sensitive subject especially with teachers. I see it done a lot so just assumed that it was a done thing.

Commonly done and I don’t blame parents due to costs and I dont see an issue with a couple of days.


Couple of days is one thing. Two weeks, and it happens regularly, is something entirely different.

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Yeah i should have specified. It’s a 3-4 days at the most

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Plenty of teachers dont bother their b@ll#x coming to school some days. I know of 1 who regularly misses class to help another school, and is rewarded for it with her own schools blessing. Not even a replacement teacher who teaches the same subject. Some parents are allocated their annual holidays in May or June so have no choice. Take them out and enjoy a good family holiday is what I say.

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Your first sentence is nonsensical. Your example simply makes no sense. You can’t simply go off to another school to ‘help them out’. For a start you can’t get paid for working in two different places at the same time unless that’s contracted. And if it is you won’t be leaving a class behind you as no principal would sanction that. And if they did the principal should be the person you have an issue with.

In moderation i’d say. Family trips at peak times when tourism companies are gouging is not affordable by all. Two weeks or more out of term probably not a good idea either.

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I never did it , equally was never put in the position to have to do it , timing is everything, I wouldn’t even consider taking them out of fifth or sixth year too much risk involved for me


Didnt say they got paid. Rewarded with gifts they were. Principle knew about it as well. Regular occurrence going on years. Nothing nonsensical about my post.

I know plenty of teachers who pull sickies and dont bother going to work.

Didnt say I have an issue with it. Which is why I have no problem with some kids missing school to have a family holiday with parents.

Right. And how do they get paid? Considering they have seven days uncertified leave over 2 years?


We always used to do it end of June when all the kids were in primary school. Get cheap accommodation abroad before the Brits get their school holidays and they weren’t doing a whole lot of work in the school at that time. School never said anything to us, we just let them know in advance.

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Then your issue is with the principal. And if parents were that concerned why didn’t they do something about it. Better still. Why didn’t you?

Nothing the school can say. If a parent wants to take a child out ll they need is a note.

I said it already. I dont have an issue with it. I also never said they pull sickies and get paid. Im just stating facts. Principle know about it, So do pupils and parents. Doesn’t bother me.

Look. You can’t pull sickies. Those days are long gone. You’ve seven days uncertified. After that if you’re uncertified not only will it affect pay it may affect pensions and the department’s occupational medical service gets involved.

And clearly you do have a problem with it

Might bother me if I had to pay cash into hand for teachers to give grinds to my kid to play catch up for the classes they miss. Same teacher does grinds as well. Couldn’t make it up.