Tallaght Stadium Development

I see the SDCC owner of Tallaght Stadium is building a new stand bringing its capacity to 10K. With all the controversial investment in Dublin GAA grassroots (ie. Culchies giving out about the money we get and diehard Dubs denying it contributed to our recent success etc) I was curious if such a development in foreign sports by a county council is having an impact on participation rates in the Tallaght area. Is the grassroots investment in GPOs in Thomas Davis and St Marks (who would be closest to Tallaght stadium where one of the biggest FAI clubs are based) enough to compete? Would be interested in hearing from clubs local to Tallaght… Davis, Anne’s, Marks, Boden, Judes, Faughs etc

Personally - i don’t think it impacts the local GAA clubs - My lads are playing with Kevins/killians now and it is thriving at underage - Great few lads doing the heavy lifting and driving the underage - as it was a club that traditionally didnt field the full spread of underage teams. there is a balanced approach with the local soccer club regarding training times etc (the cul camp is taking place on the soccer grounds).

Marks who i played with as a kid , seemed to be in competition with the soccer back then , Dotsy is over the juvenile section there so they are holding there own.

As for the stadium , its a shame that GAA couldn’t be accommodated back in the day -but i dont think its a bad thing to devlop the stadium - its a public stadium and while rovers are anchor tennants - other sports get a run out in there too.


Is the funding split between taxpayer and the club? taxpayer should not be the only ones footing the bill for this.

I assume rovers pay rent - in a similar manner to how west ham operate - the stadium owner paying for upkeep/expansion

i bet the rent is negligible and a million miles from market rates.


Nearly right …

What do you mean by “nearly right”?

Rhymes with anchor I presume :grin:


There’s plenty of potential in Killians/Kevin’s. Some seriously talented players came out of St Kevin’s in the past. If they won that Inter Championship back in the 90s they probably would have pushed on, but instead lost Bealin, Homan and the Rowe’s who all played inter county (Rowe’s at u21 level). Some good lads played underage with Killians too.

Building the new stand puts the final nail in the coffin that Tallaght Stadium will be used for multiple sports such as GAA. The pitch is way too short to hold GAA now but if they had of extended it, as Thomas Davis asked and took high court case over many years ago, it could have been used for other sports. As can be seen by picture attached.

They’ve held some of the underage camaint hurling and the lower division feile matches but one puc of a ball or a strong kick an you’d get it one end of field to the other

For local government to spend money developing a facility for sole use of a private sporting organisation is 100% wrong. I have no problem with Rovers being the anchor tenant but if the ground had of been extended it could have been used for athletics, gaa, rugby etc.

What makes it worse is this was public lands lease to rovers who went wallop and then SDCC stepped in to build a ground for which they only pay rent for.

The average attendance for Rovers is below 2,000 with about 4,000 going to Rovers Bohs match. So the need for a 10,000 stadium is not for them.

As regards participation rates in the clubs mentioned most in in very good health, have same problem with retention in teenage years as most clubs do but having a ground that could accommodate the Dubs playing the odd game would be packed out.

Terrible waste of public money.


They were a team that got to inter final . They would have dropped back very quickly. There wasn’t the right structure to keep bringing players through.
Sdcc were so short sighted on Tallaght stadium there should be an enquiry . How the local businesses didn’t kick up I’ll never know .


A lot of that St Kevin’s team were under 21 and mid 20s from recollection. My theory is that if those lads stayed they may have resurrected their underage. But yes they probably would have experienced a dip if they didn’t have a decent crop coming through. Why would local business kick up? There’s a stadium with modest crowds? Personally I think it definitely would have made sense to at least cater for rugby and athletics as the GAA scene was already strong in the area.

I stand corrected but my understanding is that the DCB used Thomas Davis to do their objecting for them…

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Possibly… I don’t think there are many examples of local authorities doing this for any other sport? Who owns Morton Stadium in Santry? On the flip side GAA clubs have benefited more than most other sports from the offloading of land by the Christian Brothers at very favorable rates.

So besides the clear anomaly of how a council decided to build a soccer stadium for a club that wasn’t capable of running itself for years, it would be interesting to see growth rates in all the local GAA clubs and assess if Investment in GPOs offset this disadvantage, or if the clubs grew regardless…

I would still call Tallaght a predominantly soccer area.

There should be a ‘super club’ similar to Crokes in Tallaght if you were to go by population.

Davis a strong club, Mark’s always struggle after U16s, then Croai Ro Naofa and Kevin’s/Killian’s are very small.

For whatever reason, a lot of Tallaght kids go to other clubs outside of the area to play GAA. Reckon it might be changing a bit now but back when I was playing underage, we had so many Tallaght lads playing

As stated above, a waste of money expanding Tallaght Stadium to 10k. Current usage is Rovers, underage Ireland matches and ladies Ireland matches. None get big crowds.

Could have been a great location to build a 20k multipurpose seater and get Dublin GAA in there and some Ireland senior friendlies.


Good point re population. From recollection Tallaght was in the top 5 populated areas in Ireland at one stage and bigger than some of our smaller “cities”.

But it’s not really Dublin.

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