Tallaght Stadium Development

Don’t bite, only the other week @DUB09 refused to recognise the north county as well. Any more than a single digit odd number Dublin area code (not those fancy new eircodes) and he ain’t interested.

I have been in Beirut, Belfast and the Golan Heights. But never been to Tallaght.

And you brought the standards down in them places too .


You must be from “Firhouse” so … A Tallaght denier :joy:


West Tallaght is predominately soccer only and always has been. As is big areas like Tymon north with very few GAA players coming from that area. As Daly put it a few years ago GAA wasteland.

Croi ro naofa are struggling at the moment and have made no significant improvements with increasing teams across ladies and men’s football. They have no gpo so it’s very hard in a strong soccer stronghold, the closest GAA club in Tallaght to the stadium. An investment in this area is needed badly. Some great people there but no support.

Marks have got going again over the last 2/3 years and are making steady progress at fielding teams at all juvenile levels. While there adult teams are back competing.

Thomas Davis ladies football section is one of the biggest in Dublin at the moment, camogie is struggling like a lot of clubs in dublin. Hurling is on the up at all levels with increased numbers every year. Football has always went well fielding numerous teams at all levels. Areas like ellensborough, Oldbawn, mill brook and Aylesbury now would predominately GAA as would the primary and secondary schools in those areas.

St Anne’s holding their own and competing better than should be expected with such a small catchment area, have introduced juvenile hurling since around 2014/5 I think but struggle to field after u14/15 so most stop playing while Thomas davis pick up the access players which is of a great benefit to them.

Kevin’s as mentioned above are increasing participation at juvenile level.

Rovers certainly see the GAA as more competition than the local GAA clubs see them. The stadium is always more than half empty so I can’t see why it’s been extended. They recently requested rovers flags to replace the Dublin flags beside the stadium that the SDDC put up, it was refused. Some of Dublin feile finals are held their every year it’s a pity more young juvenile finals/tournaments can’t be played there.


No, many clubs and DCB stated they would back Thomas Davis but when push came to shove they ended up on their own in the High court and footed the bill. Club nearly went to the wall.

Again not anti soccer but if any local authority did what SDCC did everyone would be up in arms. If public funds were used to build a GAA ground solely for the use of one club it would have been wrong. The major kick in the hole was the pitch that was taken to build the stadium in Sean Walsh park was a GAA pitch that the nearby school and Thomas Davis used !!!

Thomas Davis was at the heart of old Tallaght village with a pitch beside the old graveyard which is now shopping unit on Belgard road. TD “moved” in the 70’s up to Kiltipper Road which is now surrounded by houses which are nearly all GAA area.

The Stadium would be slap bang in the middle of Tallaght and could have been the center piece for a municipal sports stadium used by all in the area for matches. Until the 1990’s shamrock rovers had no association with Tallaght. With their attendances i dont really think they’ve caught the imagination of population which is about 77,000 from last census. Outlying areas of Citywest, firhouse etc that would easily be of 100,000.

Kevins/Killians, Thomas Davis, Croi ro Naofa, St Annes (technically not Tallaght but would draw on population), St Marks do okay. Never a huge Dublin Gaa territory but its easy to see why, it went from a village of 2,500 people in late1960’s to a town of 55,000 in early 1980’s.

In their heyday Thomas Davis & St Annes had 7-8 players on the Dublin senior team and league matches between them drew crowds of 2.000 + mainly to see the fights between the McNallys/Forans etc. TD made in to a club all Ireland in the early 90’s. I cannot remember the last Thomas Davis/Annes man to play for Dublin. Dotsy O’Callaghan was the last guy from the area to play under Pillar Caffrey.

When you consider that amount of players a club like Ballymun has produced for Dublin you could see how Tallaght stadium was a missed opportunity to give the GAA a shot in the arm out there.


Liam Walsh, Doty, john Kelly and Conor McCann are the only Tallaght hurlers to play senior champ for Dublin in the last 30+ years. Only Dotsy in the last 8 years or so. Curran the last footballer to play senior champ football for Dublin in 2001.Also Bastic is from glenview ( beside Tallaght village) but didn’t go to a Tallaght GAA club, his family are members of Thomas davis. Such a poor return for a huge population. Olwen Carey, Siobhain Mcgrath and Ciara Mcguigan from
Td are all on the Dublin ladies team now, Olwen and Siobhain have won multiple all Ireland’s helping Td grow the sport by ten fold over the last 5/6 years.


Who is the last Tallaght man to play for ireland? Robbie Keane?

Who’s he?

Very interesting. With big clubs like Jude’s and Faughs playing close to Tymon Nth you would think there would be plenty from the area playing. Technically speaking there is only a GAA Rounders club operating there. A club called Limekiln. Is that part of Tymon Nth?

TD players get overlooked, I would have thought Adam Fallon deserved a chance. He never made it past the development squad for whatever reason

The Thomas Davis gpo use to go into the primary school in tymon north but don’t think that happens anymore. Christina McGinty is now based in that school part time doing some form of teaching so I think she started ladies fball there a few years ago alright, not sure if Td benefit much from it to be honest. But no better person to promote GAA though, absolutely top class.


It really is a shame and Tallaght should be a key focus area for DCB. There is enough population to have two very strong clubs. Start early in the schools there and in the next 20 years the return could be great.

In certain areas keeping them interested at teen years is a challenge.

Plenty of Tallaght people play GAA, but they just don’t play in the area. Jude’s and Boden have always had a good few Tallaght people.

Dotsy has played football championship since then.

I stand corrected so!!

Johnny Small too!

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Is O’Gara from Tallaght?

Limekilln would be Greenhills/Greenpark. The estate is back is back of Traders back.

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originally from Terenure but moved up there alright

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Shane martin would have been from tallaght, although his old lad was crumlin so he played there.

Stephen Cowap would have played a few games for the dubs in the big ball.

But generally very few players have progressed from a big area.

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