Anyone recommend a good tattoo artist? Was thinking of getting the (modern) Dublin crest done. Anyone have it done or know anyone who has? What kind of price would it be. Not looking for a whole back job - thinking something neat (mobile phone size) and maybe on chest.

Was thinking of getting 2014-2018 under but will leave that open ended … :grinning:

Having a mid life crisis?

More 3/4 life crisis.

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Tommy , Classic Ink in Crowe street, does traditional stuff like that

I’ve no idea if its still there or has changed name

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Try Tatoo Delange in Luxembourg. Wildly regarded as the best in Europe. You probably remember it as Delange’s Tatoos, though I think it was originally Delaney’s, an Irish pub that was very popular with bikers. Til the large Irish immigrant population of Luxembourg dwindled.

What will you do when they win in 2019

Gonna leave it until the run ends. I hope the guy that does it is still around in 2033.

Dragon Tattoo in Talbot street.
I would say you’re looking at €150.

Very clean and professional

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Great call - bang on price too! Bit bigger than I was planning but looks very well.

That’s after you have taken a Viagra?

Post a pic of it?

No. It’s on my arse



Good decision - request withdrawn :nauseated_face:


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Nice though isn’t it? :wink:

(The tat - not my arse)

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Yes “The Tat” is nice :+1:

That’s really ProudDub?