Team Holidays

I am all for the end of season team holiday that the team/panel/management/etc. are brought on, and they have gone to some incredible places in the last few years, including Jamaica and Thailand.

However, my father in law firmly believes that the team holiday should be for just that, the team. No wives, long term partners, short term partners, etc. He thinks that it is a farce that the partners are also treated to the executive lifestyle with flights, top of the range hotels and other expenses paid for. He thinks that if they want to go, they are free to go, but it should be out of their own pocket.

I would be interested to hear other opinions.

Jaysus does he not like his daughter or what???

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I’m certainly fond of her

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I agree. But then I would. At the end of the day it’s money that could be going where it’s much more needed.

Is the money not raised by the players themselves especially in winning seasons parading trophies to various pubs?

IMO, in this instance it is entirely appropriate to bring the players partners. The players families give up a huge amount of their time in order to allow the players do what they do, for what is to the greater extent an unpaid hobby.

It is a small price to pay for the entertainment that the players provide to many people over the course of the season, facilitated to a large degree by the players significant others.


The money used is not money that would otherwise be in the County Boards coffers. It is additional money that would not have been spent for GAA purposes in the first place.

In view of the upset to family life, time with partners etc it is completely right that they be recognised for what they give up or do for Dublin. An eight or nine day holiday is small reward for ensuring that a fraught home life does not interfere with a player’s concentration on the team.

Additional money from where?

I have never bought the second part of your argument. In fact I find it to be utter nonsense. There are thousands of people all over the country putting long hours into clubs, often for decades who get little or no recognition, never mind holidays.

The elevation of the inter county player so far above the rest of us is the single worst thing to happen in the history of the GAA.


You need a holiday Alan …

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I wonder would someone else pay for it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Only if we get to see your bikini snaps.

Sponsorship money set aside specifically for the purpose. Holiday fund fund raising which does go on. Etc. We are lucky in the GAA that players are prepared to accept holidays, they could be looking for huge payment but they don’t, a reward of a holiday for winning seems to suffice. As for you Alan I think you need an update. I’m don’t know if you have a partner or not, but if you have you will know the pressure in trying to enjoy a hobby that consumes a lot of time. A little thanks now and again doesn’t go amiss and can be a good future investment.

So after spending 9 months keeping the home fires burning on their tobler, going to weddings, family events etc on their tobler, not getting to go on summer holliers with their partner, dealing with partners stress/mood swings etc from being dropped/not selected/rehabbing an injury etc…said partner then tells them, he is fecking off to Jamaica, with the lads for 2 weeks? What a FABULOUS idea. That’ll go down a treat !

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Hey. No one said s/he wasn’t welcome to go. Just not for free.

They could be looking for huge payment. And they’d be run out of the place. Sorry but this is more nonsense. I refuse to accept that they are vastly more important than the thousands of people pouring countless hours for moist of their lives into their clubs, without whom these inter county players would not exist.

I know all about the pressure and the time put into a hobby. More than a few I suspect. Though not as much as many, many more.

People always have a choice. Always.


Yeah love…pay your own way or feck off.

If that is not not welcome, I don’t know what is.

Indeed. Sure aren’t they entitled to it. A word a lot of Irish people just love to throw around.


Another word that the Irish like to throw around.

That is far more appropriate.

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I don’t begrudge them. You can only begrudge something you want for yourself. In this instance that is not me.

What about the sacrifices made by family etc all through the year? It’s naive to think this is not encouraged by a reward if a team is even fairly successful.

Anyway I think the places chosen for trips have been really interesting, and reflective of the character(s) of the squad