Team of the decade: 2010-2019

Just read an article with John Mullane where he gives his team of the decade 2010 to 2019, without himself included…ill post it up in a minute

What would your team of the decade be?

Mullanes team

Eoin Murphy
JJ Delaney
Daithi Burke
Noel Connors
Brendan Maher
Brick Walsh
paudie Maher
Mick Fennelly
David Burke
Tony Kelly
Joe Canning
TJ Reid
Richie Hogan
Sramus Callinan
Patrick Horgan

Some team, dont ever recall JJ playing corner back though

Who takes the frees? :sweat_smile:

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Man who is fouled hits the free himself :rofl:

Im going for

E Murphy
C Barrett
D McInerney
P Murphy
B Maher
P Walsh
P Maher
R Hogan
M Fennelly
W Walsh
J Canning
TJ Reid
J Mullane
S Callinan
P Horgan

Walter Walsh impact for Kilkenny for me hugely under valued

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There’s a new podcast set up, A Hurlers Life by Brian Carroll from Offaly. First three are Mullane, Daly & Tyrrell. Brilliant.

You can’t have a team of the decade without JJ :man_shrugging:

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Paul Murphy
Mick F
Tony Kelly
A. Gillane

As a cork man I’d struggle to have Nash anywhere near my team. Would have to be eoin Murphy for me

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Interesting topic but if JJ Delaney is on the team then tommy walsh would have to be there aswell.?

I don’t think Eoin Murphy has had to do a whole lot! Nash has had shit backs in front of him for years but sure it’s all subjective!

Mullane can’t be on a team of that decade after only playing in it for 3 years.

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Agreed, same with Tommy and JJ, didn’t play in it long enough to merit inclusion.

Won 2 all stars if i recall right in that decade, dont recall a better corner forwsrd over the decade

He actually won 3 2010 11 and 12. Yep hell do for me

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JJ just won 3 All Ireland’s, 3 Leinsters, 3 National Leagues and 3 All Stars over 4 years. It’s not even debatable.


Granted he was a sub in his final year

Had a look myself, made special team of all time 2009 and 1 less honour than jj across all comps.

Has to be in there.

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Nash distribution wasn’t the best. He pucked every ball on top of Clare centre back Conor Ryan in 2013 AI final in first game. He had another meltdown in Croke Park a few years ago in a AI semi final . Not sure if was against Limerick or Waterford?

Very difficult to compare players who were coming to the end of great careers early in the decade and players in their prime 7/8 years later, especially with the way the game has changed. I’ll have a go at it though :joy:
My team:
S. O’Keeffe (Waterford)
C. Barrett (Tipperary)
D. Burke (Galway)
JJ. Delaney (Kilkenny)
B. Maher (Tipperary)
M. Walsh (Waterford)
P. Maher (Tipperary)
T. Kelly (Clare)
M. Fennelly (Kilkenny)
TJ. Reid (Kilkenny)
J. Canning (Galway)
K. Moran (Waterford)
P. Horgan (Cork)
S. Callanan (Tipperary)
R. Hogan (Kilkenny)

Honourable mentions for Eoin Murphy, Padraig Walsh, Barron

His distribution has cost us many many scores over the last few years. In league games he’s gifted away an unbelievable amount especially. He makes some quality saves but I’d rather him be more solid on the puck outs. Of course we’ve the problem that none of our forwards can win a long ball too🤷🏻‍♂️

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I am not arguing against Mullane’s inclusion (I love him as both a player and a pundit) but that’s only two this decade.