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Anyway… I managed to accidentally delete the YouTube app from my LG televisual device last night.

What’s a G like me to do, yo?!

Can you not re download it from the web os lg store?

Method Four of Five:
On LG Smart TVs
Turn on your TV. Keep in mind that your television must be connected to the Internet in order to download apps.
Press your remote’s SMART button. This will take you to the home page.
Select the profile icon. It’s the person-shaped icon in the top-right corner of the screen.
Enter your LG account details and select Sign In. Your account details include your email address and your password.
Scroll up on your TV’s remote. This will cause the home page to scroll right, allowing you to view the different app categories.
Select an app category. On the home page, there are multiple cards with category names (e.g., GAME WORLD) in their top-left corners; selecting a category will let you view the relevant apps.
Select an app you wish to download. Doing so will take you to the app’s page.
Select Install. This button is just below the app’s title.
You’ll see the price here instead of Install if the app isn’t free.
Select OK when prompted. This will begin installing the app. Once it finishes downloading, you can select Launch where the Install button was to start the app.

Phew! Sorted.

Many thanks for the feedback, compañeros!

Great idea for a thread . Anyone have any experience of using TP Links WiFi range extender ? Ordered a MHL cable for my tablet but I’ve not tested it out yet & range ain’t great for streaming .

Yes. I had to extend the WiFi upstairs for Spotify streaming. All I can say is that after following all the instructions it wouldn’t stay working until I used ethernet cables. The cables go from the TP link plug to the device upstairs and from the TP link plug to the Horizon box downstairs. Does this make any sense?

Yeah I was afraid of that about the Ethernet cable , I’ll do a bit more research on it , cheers !

Keep at it, it took me days to get it to work properly. I nearly threw everything out the window at one stage! You might have to pair the links a few times - it’s hard to know if they are working or not. I’m sure you know this but it does Not boost the signal, it just replicates it into another room. If your signal is week, it won’t get any stronger.

Ah yeah signal is great in the house , its the WiFi adapter in the tablet I suspect isnt great . I’m getting the mhl cable to connect the tablet to the TV so I don’t have to cast the image & double stream everything . But I’ve noticed the range on the tablet can be a bit suspect .

Ok folks, I have a sim card iPad that I am bringing away to Wales on holidays with me. looking to get a PAYG data package? Any recommendations? Cheers

Roaming charges are gone, aren’t they? Since last week?
I’d get onto your network provider and see what they say.

I was in England at the weekend and got a text from Vodafone to say my data allowance is the same as it would be at home and wouldn’t be charged roaming.


Got the cable & would you know it , not compatible with anything I have :persevere:. MHL cables are not just “plug & play” , some models take them , some don’t . Not too bad though , it only cost about €7. Have decided against the TP Link . My signal is good so just ordered an android box instead . Will cut out all the messing . Could have installed Mobdro on the Windows laptop but would have had to set it up every time just to watch anything . Even for me , that was just too much effort .

Do you have to change the settings on your phone to Roaming when you were over there or did it just pick up the network by itself ?

Did you consider Apple TV

Just had ‘Roaming On’ in Mobile Data Options and the phone automatically picked up Vodafone and signal was good so didn’t need to pick another network.

Apple TV apart form NVIDIA Shield and Minix boxes are well built machines with good eco system. But it has no Showbox so its a no no for me! I am actually looking at getting the Mi Box 3 with Android TV. Really impressed with the price point and its performance.

No , I was an apple head for years . Thought it was the gospel until I switched to android a couple of years ago . IOS is far too restrictive & its file system , iTunes , is horrible . Android devices leave loads of room to mess around with it . And I like the extras on it for obvious reasons .

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Yeah i am slowly coming around to Android. But it has to be pure vanilla android devoid of any bloatware bullshit. Thats what I am going after the MI BOX, nic little streaming device with pure Android Leanback launcher.

Ordered the MXQ Pro yesterday . Cheap & cheerful at €96 (P&P). I wanted it for Mobdro & to be able to play MKV files . I’m not bothered with anything else as I have Netflix & BT Sports as part of my Eircom package . Are you going to root it & remove all the stuff you dont want ?. I hear a lot of the add ons are been shut down .