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I am new to this, the app I am using on the phone is IPTV stream player, Also I have seen with or without TV controls, don’t know if that is important… Some mate said the better ones are 4k, the one you recommend is 3 K but half the price of the 4k ones, so again don’t know if 3k or 4 k is important

I’ve had them all, 1st gen 2nd gen, 4k, fire cube, lite stick, they’ll all do the job for you unless your internet is particularly bad, in that case I’d recommend getting the Ethernet adapter too but I don’t think Argos sell them. the fire cube is the best of them all but also the most expensive.
never heard of that app btw, you’d want to make sure you can install it on the stick first before buying it, that app definitely won’t be in the Amazon app store anyway.

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i second all of this. go onto or donedeal
plenty of lads selling subs and sticks

Cheers lads👍

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anyone going down this route, I’d advise to ask for a test and get it on a Saturday and test it out while the PL football is on, any provider worth his/her salt will have no problem with this request.

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yup great advice!

@bigp I have 2 firesticks here. My internet isn’t the best, but not the worst either, I get between 20-30 most of the time, and my IPTV works seamlessly, have recommended to a few other ressers and is working well for them too. PM me if you want details

@JJF sorry I didn’t log onto this thread last week, fucked 2 old laptops in the bin over the weekend :slight_smile: I do have another 1 I kept though, might give this a whirl

And next can any real IT people help me, you might notice in this post that some spaces have a double space. About 2 months ago, I knocked a cup of coffee over my pretty new laptop, I turned it straight upside down and think I got all the fluid out and it works fine, apart from the space bar, it is like I am double clicking it when typing, any suggestions?

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possibly some liquid in the keyboard membrane. Can you pop up the spacebar? whats the name and model number of your laptop?

Cheers boss, got it all sorted seems good so far

K513E Ausu Vivobook

might’ve of some help. see can you pry up the space bar with making a bollix of it. and physically dry it with lint free cloth. if there is any residue form yer coffee use rubbing alcohol to clean

haidryer on low heat setting back on forth quick and at a decent distance ya don’t want to heat it to much as glue etc might melt

if you ■■■■ up the machine further don’t blame me! :grin:

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■■■■ that, I did try to lift the spacebar the other day and looked like it was going to snap, so not doing that. I’ll live with it… Thanks all the same

might dry out over time…

Keyboard on my laptop won’t do # symbol, and the @ symbol is reversed with the " symbol, anything i can do? Tried online query but haven’t figured it out

what language are you selecting?

I hope you wiped the hard drive in case anything personal or there’s any unsavoury content on it that “your friends” may have looked at when they borrowed it

Couldn’t even turn them on to wipe them, they were proper bollixed, sitting in a press for the last 2 years. They were the kids ones anyway, so unless they were looking up some stuff they shouldn’t have been I’m good

I always take out the HD and smash them with a hammer. No way can they retrieve the info then…

Do you put a picture of Paschal Donohoe on it first?

No I use the picture of Paschal to clean up the dog shite around on the green.