Tech Support... for morons, bellends and dipsh*ts

Yeh I thought that might be a thing alright. But the # symbol?

what laptop do you have make and model

Yes sergeant!
It’s a HP…something. :flushed:
Model 15-ba032AU

yes Sargent… sir! fucking cooler shed for you squire.

Have you tried holding Shift and pressing the 3 key?

No. What does that do sergent sir? Does it make a whistling whoopie sound?

Its combination key to produce the hashtag symbol. Then depending on the persons IT ability it will electrocute them for the craic.

Ah I let the young lad smash up his old one for the craic, so I think the hard drive was included in the smashing. The other one was one the misses ‘acquired’ from a bit of work she was doing over here when they didn’t pay her, so there was nattin on that

The laptop or Harper?


The laptop. Harper is goosed.


Whatsapp is down worldwide I believe. The peace and quiet is delightful.

Ah ballix. It’s back.

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Peace and quiet? Sure if u don’t want to use it don’t. Turn off the notification of a message, problem solved. It’s not like Facebook where there’s a million notifications about all sorts of shite from everyone all the time. And if you open it up there’s a million different things going on

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Ah there’s a handful of us in here that are in with the trends of popular culture. If we turned it off, we may aswell tell everyone to go home. :rofl:

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I find it a hundred times less intrusive, and a thousand times less time-consuming & full of shite as Facemook

Anyone with Virgin on here. Internet down near on 24 hours now with no solution in sight.

Are all service providers the same or are Virgin particularly bad?

Virgin work off their own network so can be a law unto themselves with regards getting stuff fixed.

Eir, Vodafone and Sky all work off the same network. I’ve used the 1GB broadband with each of them and never had an issue, just depends on if it is available in your area though.

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I’ve used Virgin Media internet for years without a problem, no complaints

Lada and lassies, got a Samsung Q60B QLED TV last month and having the aound drop out slightly every 90 seconds or so when watching anything through Sky. Have changed HDMI cables a couple of times and no joy!

No problem at all when watching stuff connected by USB or throught the TV’s own Samsung interface.

Any suggestions?

I think my brother was having problems this year similar on a LG.

Pretty certain he found the answer here or something similar to it. I’ll txt him to see.

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Cheers @JJF, I’ll give that a go :+1:t2: