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Folks, got iPhone 13 as part of upgrade moving from Android. Any advice on following:

  1. Transfer of Data, I’ve 128GB SD card in Android, want to xfer data to iPhone (pics, files etc).

  2. WhatsApp, can you keep all chat’s etc from Android to iphone?

Cheers Liam

Start here Liam, make sure everything is backed up on android using WhatsApp and Google Drive. Ive flip flopped over the years between platforms. Back on iOS as it’s a work phone. Once you have all content back up to relative Google Apps (photos, contacts and Google drive) you’ll be fine.

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Cheers :+1:

Top man @JJF, I basically disconnected everything when we were getting a fibre broadband upgrade and it works perfectly now.

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deadly! Glad it’s working. On broadband I had a one gig connection fibre. Dropped down to 500megs to get a cheaper deal and guess what? have found no difference. so anyone contemplating this go for it.

I am starting the switch to the same tomorrow as my contract is up on Friday. If majority of things use WiFi you won’t notice the difference as most devices can’t get 1GB speeds

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I know I had wifi jealousy when yiz were talking about 1gps download speeds, but really anything over 50 should be fine, a gig is just being greedy

Switched over from Pure Telecom 1GB to Sky 500mb on Tuesday. All is ok on the gaming, downloads, streaming front. Notice no difference. Where I am noticing the difference is the upload speed. 100mb upload to 50mb. So when putting large files on GDrive or Dropbox it is double the time.

don’t really upload to be honest, so never really considered that! is it a deal breaker for you though?

Nah not really. I dont upload heavily that often. Putting 50GB on GDrive at the moment and it is saying 4 1/2 hours.

smaller uploads at a time?

Worst tech writer on the planet.

Seriously??? How so .

weckler? absolute mediocre. Nothing inspiring about his articles. Nothing onsiteful. Hi Adrian, heres an iphone 14 and this is what we want you say.

Never reviews anything below a certain budget.
There’s lads with pimples and just out of second year on youtube that would put him to shame.

Look he has his audience and best of luck of to him, a great gig, just doesn’t do it for me.

Newstalk’s Jess Kelly is v good imo.


yeah she is. On top of her game

So wait, your phone is not listening to you? I find that hard to believe. Happens all the time, above is a good explanation, but it happens some times when no one in the family google it.

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Anyone join Tribel? Any good?