Tech Support

Generally there’s a lot of tech questions asked and answered here (or on the old here…)

So might be good to get them into 1 thread.

I want to kick it off with a WiFi connectivity question.
I have dreadful internet from Eir through the phone lines (in or around 800K max was the best they could give) So we’re after getting a Vodafone wireless broadband box.

This seems to have much better speeds without being fantastic, but a lot better than we had.
But it has a few problems:

It has no LAN outputs which means that the printer, Tower PC (No WiFi receiver) and our Vodafone Sure Signal box can’t be connected.

It has a very weak signal - You need to be very close to the box to get any sort of decent signal from it.

However, I have an old Netgear router (DG834g v2) so I’m hoping there’s a way that I can configure this to take it’s input from the Vodafone dongle and then use that as normal (with LAN and stronger WiFi signal)

Does anyone know if this is possible? And if so any ideas how? I’ve done a lot of googling but can’t find much on it!

And if it’s not possible can anyone suggest an alternative?

Do you have a dongle or broadband router ?
I’m surprised it doesn’t have any LAN inputs . Where exactly is it positioned in relation to the devices that you want to connect to it wirelessly . Also what are the walls like in your house , solid walks , etc .
These are very handy and you could shop around .

They use the copper wire in your house electrical wire to send a signal .
If you know how to set up your netgear router you might be sorted as well .

Do you have a dongle or broadband router ?
I’m surprised it doesn’t have any LAN inputs . Where exactly is it positioned in relation to the devices that you want to connect to it wirelessly . Also what are the walls like in your house , solid walks , etc .

I think it’s regarded as mobile broadband!

Think it’s this one:

Have you used them extenders before? Are they good? Was looking at them alright, but considering Vodafone came out to the house and then decided to send out this mobile broadband with no LAN output I am a bit slow to go spend money when they should really be providing us with something suitable in the first place!

Well my understanding of a dongle is that it just provides connection to the device which you have it plugged into so that’s why it doesn’t have any LAN. Ports . I’d actually be ringing them and tell them its not suitable for what you need , ie you need a broadband router from them which allows you to connect your other devices wirelessly to it . Then you wouldnt have to worry about extenders etc.
I’m thinking maybe you don’t have a landline if they dicided that’s what they were going to give you ?
If you have a landline get onto them and say you want a router . Or maybe they don’t provide broadband in your area over a landline ??

Alternatively you could connect the dongle to your netgear router , I’ve never done that before so not sure if it could be done . Its a while since I set up my old netgear router . It would have to be configured on your computer first , then it has to find the wireless connection ( which would be your dongle ) . So I can only suggest connect the dongle to PC . Make sure he can pick up the signal . Then connect the netgear and configure it . If it picks up your dongle signal then you should be sorted . But all of this is a lot of unnecessary messing on your side . A broadband router from them would negate the need to do any of this .

That’s where the whole problem came from.
Our landline was pulled down about 3 years ago. When it was replaced/repaired the call quality is grand, but broadband is dreadful. Max speeds we can get is around 600-800 K!

Eircom/Eir were unable/unwilling to fix it (as it only caused issues to a small number of customers) so we had to look at something else.
We rang Vodafone looking for this, and it’s giving us better speeds, but they are not much use to us if we can’t get it connected properly!

Trying to connect to the Netgear router is the main aim. That would pretty much have everything back as we need it!
But that’s my main issue, how can I do it!
Seems to be a surprising lack of info online about it!

I’d say the lack of info is because it probably not a viable way of connecting it . It seems like a lot of unneeded work and every ISP now provides routers .The dongle is just a stop gap for the situation , its purpose is not for what you want to do .I’ll look into it though , this has my interest now :slight_smile:

OK this is a novel idea , I’ve not tried it before but you could turn the laptop you connect your dongle into a WIFI hotspot . Then you wouldn’t need to use the netgear router .

Yea cool, might give something like that a bash!
Should probably get onto Vodafone 1st and see if they will sort out a proper router for us instead!

Yes I would definetly do that and get onto them . That’s fairly shit from Eir too . Ah sure if its only affecting a few gaffs its not worth our while as the cost won’t justify it . Do you still have a landline ? I wouldn’t be paying line rental if that’s the best they can do ( Eir ) . 1 Mb isn’t worth a fxxk now adays tbh if you have a household running numerous devices . But I understand this may all be that’s available to you since the damage . Its a pox of a situation either way

Yea true regardng line rental.
Better check that out!
Yea still have a land line - we never had good broadband, think 2M was the best, so it’s not too bad when you haven’t been used to much better!