Djokovic out early, Nadal injured, Murray’s to lose, hopefully he does. Federer is looking in fine form and my personal favorite, hope he wins it.

Womens has been good too, Serena has been feeling the cold, or so it seems, you could hang a wet duffle coat off them!

Federer’s and Murray’s biggest problem over the last few years has been they are only capable of one big scalp each in any one championship. I think they’re seeded to meet in the semi final which could well be this championship’s decider. Hopefully, Federer can see him off.

They cant meet until the final, hopefully they get there and the media bigs Murray up and Federer beats the ballix out of him

C’mon Andy! Great to see a Brit win it

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Fed not going to well, set down and a break down in the second set. Cilic serve too big for him

Fed fighting back. Wins third set and almost went a break up in the fourth only for Cilic to reel off three consecutive aces. Fed looking a lot more comfortable on his own serve though. He is also playing serve & volley. Cilic looks like he is tiring a little.

You’re right there about the draw. I thought the No 2 & 3 seeds would meet in the semi. Murray was drawn, however, to meet either Federer or Djokovic but not both. Djokovic, though he had a higher seeding than Murray, got the tougher draw. Sounds dodgy to me.

4th set tie break!

Backed Fed to win when he was 2 sets down @3/1. Come on ta fook!

His to lose, he has the momentum.


anchorman had him from before the start to win 3-2 from 0-2 down.

We’ll never forget you Robert Federer!

Tsonga through the match away last night. He was flying but looked like he blew his load getting the 2 sets back from 2 nil down and was knackered for the 5th set. Pity

Can anybody explain Murray’s behaviour towards his coach??

He’s a ■■■■?

That seems to be it. Very odd, and a little disturbing.

Ah, he’s always been mouthy & whiney. Would have a go at a water bottle, if it looked at him sideways. When Ivan Lendl - the ultimate stocial Zen Master - first started working with him, he did a great job of eliminating that carry on from his game & staying focused on the next point. But it’s never very far from the surface, especially in high pressure situations.

Are we really going to have a Federer/Nadal final in 2017 Australia Open? Would love to see Fed win another Grand Slam but he still has a tough semi final to negotiate before even thinking of Nadal or Dimitrov.

Watching this, he was all over it at 2 nil up and Wawrinka had to get some treatment(sic) and has stormed back to win the next 2 sets and take it to a 5th