That bloody goal from 1978

Fair play to Robbie Kelleher and Paddy Cullen for participating in this:

Saw it tweeted by Donaghy earlier, how willing would he be to be involved in a recreation of Clucko’s 2011 winning point? :joy:


ha ha - that would be great to see.
fair play to those involved - its a pretty infamous goal from that great era.

I was behind the goal. Micheal O Hehir’s commentary to it is legendary also.

Right behind the goal when it happened ,I was 13 years old .

Was wondering where to post this!!

Little museum of Dublin have an exhibition on at the moment titled ‘‘heffos army, the rise of Dublin GAA’’ , looks excellent

I must’ve been beside you! I was the guy screaming at my Dad to make it better and make them take it again. I’ll never forget his words to me … ‘Son, you’re going to have to learn to take things like a man. You’re 38 now …’


Was Seamus Alridge not available?

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He didn’t referee on the day.

Though he was there… with the whistle.

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Exactly …

Excellent , nice to see the old timers having abit of craic after all these years :blush:

I think they should do a recreation of Dublin beating Kerry by 17 points in the final. They should do it in September 2017…

Maybe Maxis goal in the 2011 final, which Kerry have variously claimed was down to,

  1. Dec OSullivan being last man back, and still being half unconscious after he was blatantly assaulted by Ger Brennan, who didn’t see red.

  2. Killian Young handing the ball to MDMA.

  3. McMenamon taking about 15 steps.

4.dublin Joe reffing
5 .Not pulling down kev, cause ,it’s like ya know not in our DNA
6.GAA decided it was time Dublin won an Ireland

I was on the Hill that day, got absolutely soaked on what was a depressing day. ( we also lost the minor final to Mayo to a late goal). The goal was the only topic of discussion for months afterwards and even led to a lengthy suspension for Dublin Player / Manager Tony Hanahoe for remarks allegedly made by him about the Referee in Magill magazine (a news magazine). As far as I can remember the case went to law but the suspension had to be served. As a result Paddy Cullen also served a "suspension ". He stepped down from playing for the same time as Tony Hanahoe in sympathy with him.

so was I behind the goal , a gutted 15 year old

Brilliant. Fair play to the lads.

Gas stuff altogether from the lads, Paddy’s some dosser in it. Defo worth a watch if you haven’t seen it yet but sure don’t we see it year in, year out now a days on “up for the match”