The Aul 'Where in Dublin?' Thread

Looking for some composting worms. Used to get tiger worms from Mr. Middleton, but they don’t do them anymore.

Anyone any ideas who might stock them? Need zero get me Can’O’Worms composter back in action so need some ravenous little wriggly wordms due to the Childers inability to clear their plates. The little scrotes.

Try the guy who does the top notch compost from the spot near Musgraves in Poppintree, turn left at Santry X as you head out of Bmun towards dem50,just up that road on the right,usually has a van parked with dogs tethered,small lay-by on right,bus-stop on left with turning room.

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Where would i find a Classic Duffle Coat ?

Any shops in Dublin stock them?

Looking for a good brand one, not a cheap imitation.

Gloverall and Montgomery are two respected brands I’m told.