The bemoaning and the loopholes

So as another season builds up to a what could be the greatest GAA moment ever and I’d be saying the same if our beloved Dublin were not contesting a bid for 5 in a row I find the moaning and the undeniable GAA way county boards completely take there eye off the ball all the more amusing.

3 black cards for the kerry lad will rule him out of the final. Yes its harsh, but thats the rule (OR IS IT) and it was brought in more than 2 years ago at this stage so its there for all to see. Why didn’t they set the ball in motion immediately after the meath match in case it was to happen again…

But wait, unless I am sorely mistaken, in my opinion he will get off, not because its harsh or not because its a final, but the fact is the original black card of the trio came in a league match against galway thus its an entirely different competition. In essence he has got 2 black cards in championship and thats the end of it. He is free to play without any need for CCC, DRA etc. Again if anyone else can counter this, I’d love to hear it.

The managers moaning about too many games in a short sapce of time. Yes James Horan started it almost immediately after the Dublin game. Take your medicine James, the GAA calendar and controversial as it is, lays out the entire 2019 Championship months in advance of the first game as do the provincial councils etc and its all there to see. The fact Mayo lost their game to Galway set them on the road they found themselves on coming to an end on Saturday. There is nobody to point the finger at on this one lads, it was your own making. Of all the teams who made the super 8’s Mayo appear to be the only ones giving out about their gruelling schedule. If any team had reason for giving out it would have been Armagh after their replays and travelling all over the place before being knocked out, ironically by Mayo!

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You can’t appeal a black card until you’ve reached three. The exact same thing occurred with Peter Harte


We need to let this one go immediately. The black card is a joke. The whole system is a joke. Refereeing is in crisis.

The player deserves to play because at least one of the black cards wasn’t one (Meath) and another was in a different competition under different rules. His clearing will not be nearly as dubious as some others that have been cleared to play after offences more egregious than the ones he is appealing. And we’ve benefited in the past from this system.

No time for Mayo whinging. If they beat Roscommon or Kerry they wouldn’t have been in the position they were in. Would have made no difference anyway. They’d still have been beaten.


Rule for suspension clearly stats both competitions are included. Also he received two cards in said game in the league which resulted in a red, of which the black was the second card so no sin-bin was in play.

Fixed Penalty for a cumulative total of three ordering-offs for Cynical Behaviour or second Cautionable Infraction committed in the National Football League or the Inter-County Senior Football Championship in the same year: - A One Match Ban, applicable to the next game in the Competition specified, even if that game occurs in the following year.

His black card v Meath is a black card as per the rule book.

5.12 To deliberately collide with an opponent after he has played the ball away or for the purpose of taking him out of the movement of play

If he is to get off I think it will be on the what wording is in the referees report from the Meath game.

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His exact words after the match “Speaking to RTÉ Sport after the game, the man of the match admitted that he was aware that another black card would be problematic.

“Yeah, I knew that going in,” he said.

Yet knowing that he still deliberately rugby tackled the Tyrone player, he only has himself to blame… and I don’t think the suspension should be lifted.

Your right and by my reckoning, he hasn’t reached three in the championship so no need to appeal.

Funnily enough almost every county has benefited and it continuously shows the lunacy of they way its set up. Screams of a committee member who contributes nothing to a meeting but wants “their piece” in the ruling, usually making a hames of it in the medium to long term.

I do not think refereeing is in crisis, I do think the supports that are there to help a ref do their job that dont stand up to disciplinary matters make the ref (and its not their fault usually) look like a dope when in fact its the process that usually gets a player off.

I’ll predict O’Brien gets off on one of 2 things.

  1. Black card from Galway wont be included, so its only 2 in champ.
  2. Before the Tyrone lad from yesterday hits the ground O’Brien raises both hands in the air.
    Now stay with me on this:
    In order to be given a Black Card the rule states deliberately pull down an opponent.
    Any county board delegate can argue that whilst it may have looked deliberate, by the time O’Brien let go he acknowledged that he was not acting deliberately any more and the motion of the Tyrone player ending up on the ground was from the action earlier. To pull down an opponent to me would mean pulling him to the ground, the Tyrone player ended up on the ground from the earlier action and wasn’t pulled down, there fore a yellow card would have been deemed appropriate.

Deliberate and pulled down are the keys to the argument. Laughable, I know.

This is when its gets fierce finnicky! :innocent: The word “or” is key to this. If it read “National Football League AND the Inter-County Senior Football Championship in the same year” then he could be in trouble, the fact it reads as one or the other and not both I still maintain he’ll be grand.

The League ones were sin bins and he got a yellow after the black card blinking and it became a red. I think that’s why it’s being counted?

if he gets off he gets off - he wont be the first , and he wont be the last.

Looking at the Meath black card and what he said yesterday doesn’t add up - My take is that he knew what he was doing as opposed to a collision - he went in with the shoulder as such was a third man tackle clearing out the defender. - even if the meath lad went down a bit easy

It would be as easy argue the Meath man tried to impede him.

you could - you’d be stretching it though to argue that.

O’Brien Picks up speed before coming in contact with the meath lad.

Anyway - he’ll get off

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I think so too, regardless of what I posted above.