The Best Bitz - Decade of the Dubs

There are some great YouTube clips from the last decade (@beeko, explain). League stuff, champo, etc.

Well worth casting onto the telly with a few beers.

I’ll kick off with this … 18 minutes of football heaven …

Heading for a first league win in 30 years. A young Mannion shining. MDMA his bustling best. Watch out for our friend ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■ towards the end.

The 2013 Final. Nice scores from Dermo, Bryan, Paddy, Bernard. Mannion excellent again. Great scores from sub Deano to seal the win. 8 years later he’s still underrated …

Song for Ciller: Throws those forearms up high, one day like this a year will keep us right…

Those Paddy A takes and turns… :heart_eyes:

Who sings that?

Guy Garvey? :smirk:


Savage work from Maxi to pass to Dean for a tremendous winning score there in 2013 NFL.