The best intercounty hurlers you ever saw play?

For me, the most skilful stickman I ever saw was John Troy from Lusmagh in Offaly. Peerless first-time hurling. In the backs, it would have to be Seánie McMahon. The Lord of the skies. A subjective but fun thread hopefully. A similar thread for Dublin club/county hurlers would be interesting too!

What day is this hurling documentary on ?

Mike Hunt

Exactly Tumbles. Now you get me. Now like a good lad, fcuk off and don’t ruin the thread.


They are good picks. Hard to think of better.

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Brian Whelehan was a good un

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Starts on Monday. I think three Mondays in a row.

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He certainly was. Another good pick.

From Dublin Joey Towel, a wizard with a camán. Brian Whelahan an obvious choice, just majestic.


Joey in his day would’ve walked into any County team. He’s very good friend of the Da’s, both from O’Devaney Gardens.
Used to go up to Grannies every Sunday, and would always bring the stick with me, guaranteed Joey would be down end of the block pucking the ball. Legend.


DJ Carey. Unbelieveable

Defender would be brian whelan some skill
… midfielder have to go for michael fennelly engine, presence and skill. forwards hard to pick one but kevin broderick had some skill when running and of course the Best DJ …

Joey was some man to get a goal. Got some savage treatment too both in county and club games. Another great Dublin hurler was Harry Dalton from Counsel. Think he won minor AI in 1965/ Played senior until the late 70s.

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Loved watching Jamsie O’Connor play.
Frank Cummins was the best midfielder for me.
Nicky English was a great player.
John Fenton was a beautiful striker of the ball. In later years, John Gardiner also but he was a tetchy c*nt.
As already mentioned, John Try and Whelahan.
Brian McMahon was another great Dub. Would loved to have had him in his prime on the Dublin teams in 2011 and 2015.
Shefflin, though, for me was the greatest.


The Galway half back line of Finnerty, Keady and McInerney. John Fenton of Cork (and that sublime goal he scored that was on the liverfluke advert for years after). From Dublin Mick Bollard was like a cat in the goal (was the main keeper in the 80s), Canice Hennebry and MJ Ryan.

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I don’t recall seeing him play County but he certainly had legendary status in Dublin hurling circles and was always mentioned if Eoghan Ruadh were the opposition.

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Joey regularly scored 2/3 goals for Dublin and Eoghan Ruadh. Would have gotten his place on any county team in 70s. Remembering him scoring two mad goals against Wexford in Carlow in 1978 or 79. There were three Holdens on team and Mikey Carton’s father. Used to well in league but had disaster in Aughrim against Kildare of all teams in 1977. That was the end of that. Jimmy Boggin from Crumlin was manager. Matt Treacy from counsel and Seán Moyles, father of the Meath footballer, from Barrs were the selectors. some great days and some truly awful ones. Like being beat by Roscommon!