The Boys In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup)

The 6 month loan thing was odd but he s obviously impressed them. That’s him, Zefi , and the 2 lads at Udinese. Sam Curtis of st pats has been over training with Feyenoord.

Son of Rob Heffernan, Olympic runner.

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that’s where you want the young irish talent going main land continental europe

That’s some achievement. Hope it works out well

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U-21’s drawn against Israel in the playoffs. Probably one the best draws they could have gotten given it was an open draw and the likes of Croatia, Denmark, Czech Rep were in there as well

Not a bad draw. Iceland or Slovaks would have sufficed too.

The ladies are 7-0 up away to Georgia after an 11-0 win in the home game. Think the all Ireland football is nt the only competition in need of grading.

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