The Boys In Orange? (UEFA Nations League/European Championships/World Cup)

Stephen Kenny s son has been called up for the norn iron u18 squad.

Even Kennys son doesn’t have any faith in his philosophy!!! :wink:


It’s the proven route to Irish senior squad

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They’ll never forgive us for taking James McClean.

We took more than McClean

they never forgave us for Alan Kernaghan.

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In fairness we ‘took’ no-one.

We’ll never forgive them for give us James McClean

Duffy too .

Mark Wilson was from North too. He was decent player before career ruined by injuries.

Playing and coaching in Iceland last I heard of him.

I’ll never forgive us for taking McClean.


Troy on loan to Preston for the year after signing a new Spurs deal

Liam Kerrigan the ucd player who signed for Como in Serie B has Cesc Fabregas as a new teammate.

He might learn a thing or two from him.
Maybe Liam will, too.


Shane Duffy gets year long loan deal to Fulham

Any chance he lines out today ?:partying_face:

Didn’t need him, they were only playing Liverpool :+1:t2:

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Interesting article in today’s Indo about Arron Connolly & Liam Kerrigan, two Irish players trying their luck on continental Europe. A route I feel more Irish should take

Here’s a list they compiled, some decent clubs and a few … who?