The championship is broken

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the championship format is redundant .
Kerry enter the all Ireland series by facing an already vanquished opponent .
Kerry’s year could consist of beating Clare twice , Tipp once and with the grace of God, his blessed mother and holy legion of saints, a defeat to Dublin.
Thoroughly unsatisfying fare. The gates at Saturday’s QF will illustrate this .
Whatever about the broader question of the merits or otherwise of the championship , the A V B format has ensured that the elite teams are not playing meaningful matches until the semi final of the competition .

Agree deffo on the A / B thing, never really got the point of it.

The point is to avoid the six day turnaround.

There aren’t enough good teams. No system is going to change that. Championship is the luck of the draw.

Strangely any kind of group format would almost certainly mean the Tipps and Clare’s of this world would never make a quarter final.

It is what it is. Format changes are not going to change that.

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Yoda’s point is spot on. I’ve said it before and it is worth repeating - our Championships are inherently unfair and the root cause of that are the Provincial Championships. All this ‘A’ and ‘B’ side of the draw nonsense is a reflection of the fact that there is this inherent unfairness. Unfortunately the power of the Provincial Councils means that nothing meaningful will happen in the near future.

I’d disagree Alan - there are format changes that will makes things fairer - it’s just that the will is not there to do anything meaningful about it.