The coup in Niger. 🇳🇪

I thought this subject now deserves it’s own thread.

Is Nigeria a part of ECOWAS?

I think two countries beside Niger have said they will support their coup, this is brewing into a right mess.

I must admit my ignorance of Africa, the geography and the politics is pretty profound.

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Anyone here know the status of Ireland’s mission to Mali? Are our troops still out there?

interesting :flushed:


Using Wagner terrorists and an active military colonial power Russia to fight neo-colonialism.
African countries choosing to be Russian client states. Seems legit.

Not to say the USA and Western European countries haven’t been acting the bollox.

China is also active in Africa, and the Tibetans will tell you how nice they are.


So the aul’ECOWAS military intervention has fallen a bit short wha.

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If you were Algerian, would you trust the French? Then again, would you trust the Russians?

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Well neither yeah

We’re only making plans, for Niger


For FRANCE :fr: anyway :innocent: