The COVID-19 Updates

Here we go …

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Flatten the curve quick Dubinhell!

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Encouraging news from Fauci on that new drug. Shortens time in care, may reduce deaths but evidence not statistically significant yet.

I would refer everyone to post 4,873 on the previous thread. That is the nub of everything.

The only thing I am flattening are boxes of jaffa cakes.


Just hope this isn’t Fauci fluffing the orange shitgibbon. Be interested to see what Dr. Luke O’Neill makes of it


Priti would have gotten there first I’d have thought

A quare note on which the initial thread shut down…

Shes more a hob nob lady.

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Much easier to do if you eat the contents first

This could be good. I’m sick of the fcukin bleach at this stage. Gives me the runs.


No update yet today from Tony and co…

Just in. 31 deaths and 376 new cases

Slight uptick in the percentage increase but still under 2%


I really can’t wait until a time when finding out how many people have died from a pandemic in this country is no longer a part of my daily routine. Every night I ring my mam and this “number” gets mentioned. I’m sick to shit of it.


Some good news at least


Was it not remdesivir that failed in trials last week?
Could be wrong, but there were reports of the first one that made it to testing phase failing and I thought that was the name of it?

Edit… just found the link

Chinese study. Chinese seemingly ended it early because they couldn’t get enough subjects so anything they did find out isn’t reliable.

WHO have said they need to see more data from the American trials before than can confirm if there is anything to it

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Tony not anticipatihg the advice will change on Friday.

Saw that, he also did caveat it with there is still some time to go before the decision is made.

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