The COVID-19 Updates

Without condoning any such behaviour I was just thinking how difficult this whole thing has been on teenagers. They have had unprecedented disruption to their young lives since March. Schooling disrupted, not able to see grandparents, sports activity cancelled and have simply not been able to enjoy the carefree summers that every teenager loves. It must be immensely frustrating.

As I said, not condoning any misbehaviour but recognising that their young lives have been turned upside down, as has everyone’s, but they have particular challenges.

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Broadly agree but they need to cop on. Things have been very tough but Jaysus there was a time lads were sent to war at that age!!


I don’t like the Sindo, but this is worth a read, to those who have access to the paper. The article is behind a pay wall:

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Sure it’s the foreigners bringing it in…

11 cases in Clare alone on one day last week and is it any wonder when you see stuff like this

Pity it’s behind a paywall, he’s a mathematician, not a virologist, so he obviously is crunching the data. Would be curious to hear what he has to say.

Not sure but Did he suggest the previous reduction of numbers was unrelated to lockdown? Like he said it burned out in China as if it happened naturally, rather then them locking down to a degree only an authoritarian state can, and what does he think of the USA with their 60-75,000 new cases a day?

I never said ‘foreigners were bringing it in’. I did suggest that as we have not locked down our borders, there will be more cases…and I am right. And I said we will have to cope…and we will.

And you know they’re from abroad how ?

One of my first ever jobs working on a stall in there in early 90s

It’s a gem of a place. It’s gone a bit upmarket but it’s a pity there’s not more like it in the city


53 cases 0 deaths

Not unexpected to a certain extent given the last few days as these cases would have been seeded up to 10-14 days ago. 10 days time is the time we’ll see whether the warnings will have had an effect.

This is good given the numbers today

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That’s a good sign at least. Sundays generally lower but they might just have a better handle on getting numbers out considering the rise and more of an urgency

It’s not good.

You’re anxious Dub? Or fishing, hoping that someone might bite?:rofl:

Well it’s not good. The last week hasn’t been good. Guy finds mitigating excuses every day. But it’s not good that’s all I’m saying.


You do the get the bit about the more cases there are the more likely we’ll have a multiple of that soon enough which could cause us all an awful amount of hardship putting the club games in jeopardy, pubs etc before we even consider the increased deaths. Yeah, 53 cases and 0 deaths is no problem with our population and we need to learn to live with it. It’s a great number in comparison to other countries but if this weeks trend continues it could be 300+ and rising in a couple of weeks time. What daily number of new cases do you have in your head as problematic?

News just said next 7 days key. Been hearing that for weeks.

Anyway, Stanford guy says we’re done as a lot of vulnerable have had it, and many died of course, so this leaves some immunity . Says we’ll ‘be finding coronavirus on people forever’.

Just what he’s saying, don’t come at me. He’s a mathematician. Hope he’s right for all our sakes and his as he’s off on his hollywobs to Portugal and Germany.


Also says mathematically dubs looking at 10-12 in a row.


An increase in cases is not good no matter what way you look at it. Any rise whether that be 5 cases or 50 cases more is not a positive and you can’t dress it up to be. It’s not good but not necessarily time to shit ourselves either.