The COVID-19 Updates

Yup. Made a point of saying this isn’t any sort of knockout punch it’s a small step in the right direction though if things hold up. Fascinating how quickly things are moving (in science terms) given how we knew nothing of this disease 6 months ago

Was listening to the research announcement and briefing earlier and SFI head Mark Ferguson pointed out that despite nearly 40 years of research no vaccine for AIDS had been found … nor for the flu. Sobering.

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But… There are vaccines for the flu!

Yeah but I think he was talking about ones that work.

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But there’s medication for HIV which helps control it.


Sorry he said the common cold and HIV/ AIDS.

Fattening the curve.

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Luke O’Neill dismissed that flop as a bad trial, said wait till this trial results are out. It’s not a full on cure by any means but it might help point the way.


Luke o neill was talking about this the other day, no vaccine for hepC or hiv but both very treatable with antivirals

Still no vaccine though and I certainly wouldn’t mind if one of my tweets took off so I’m not anti viral.

While this is an incredibly difficult time for us all, I don’t think the incredible charity work being done at the moment can be understated, especially through the GAA.

Do it for Dan hitting its €2 million target. Dean Rocks fundraiser for Stewart’s taking off. All these challenges online where people are donating.

Given so many people are struggling financially at the moment, to see many still contributing to such worthy causes is fantastic.

Something to be proud of in Ireland at the moment


Apparently the Oxford trial is going well

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I sincerely hope the naming of this thread isn’t a bad omen for the autumn / winter of 2020.

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It’ll be in its fourth incarnation by then

I hope you mean the thread and not the virus

Depends on whether Joe Public increases her levels of arseholiness.


is that the sweepstake to guess how many kids Boris actually has


trump will have domestos as the vaccine for this by then.

even at work we get these BCP plans together - now apparently eating in an indoor canteen area is a complete no…except in miniscule numbers .

you wonder how restaurants and worse again pubs will be able to open again